Driver License Endorsement and Restriction Codes

License Endorsement Codes

Endorsements give you extra driving privileges.  License endorsement codes are printed on the front of your license on the line under the "Expiration date" field, after the letter "E".  A description of any endorsements you have is printed on the back of your photo license document.  See sample license documents for endorsement code placement.

License Endorsement Codes
FFarm Class A Vehicles
GFarm Class B Vehicles
HHazardous Materials
MMetal Coil
Tank Vehicles
PPassenger Transport
RRecreational Vehicles GVWR over 26,000 lbs.
SSchool Bus
WTow Truck


License Restriction Codes
for Non-Commercial and Commercial Drivers

License restrictions explain your driving limitations.  License restriction codes are printed on the front of your license on the line under the "Expiration date" and "E" Endorsement Fields, after the letter "R".  A description of any restrictions you have is printed on the back of your photo license document.   See sample license documents for restriction code placement.

License Restriction Codes
CodeLicense Restriction
AAccel Left of Brake
A1Temporary Visitor
A2Problem Driver (Class D Only)
A3Med Cert Exemption (Commercial Class Only)
A4Ignition Interlock Device  (The interlock device is not required in a motor vehicle owned by the licensee's employer if the vehicle is used in the course of the licensee's employment.  The employer must consent to the use of the vehicle without the device.)
BCorrective Lenses
CMechanical Aid
DProsthetic Device
ENo Manual Transmission Equipped CMV (Commercial Class Only)
E1Automatic Transmission
FOutside Mirrors
F1Hearing Aid or Full-View Mirror
GDaylight Driving Only
HLimited to Employment
ILimited Use Auto MAX 40 MPH
I1Limited Use MCY MAX 40 MPH (Motorcycle Class Only)
I2Limited Use MCY MAX 30 MPH (Motorcycle Class Only)
I3Limited Use MCY MAX 20 MPH (Motorcycle Class Only)
I4Three Wheel MCY (Motorcycle Class Only)
KCDL Intrastate (No operation outside NYS for commerce) Only (Commercial Class Only)
LNo Airbrake Equipped CMV (Commercial Class Only)
L1No Airbrake Equipped Class A CMV (Commercial Class Only)
L2No Airbrake Equipped Class B CMV (Commercial Class Only)
MNo Class A Passenger VEH (Commercial Class Only)
NNo Class A and B Passenger Veh (Commercial Class Only)

No Vehicle Designed for 15 or More Adult Passengers (Commercial Class Only)

N2No Vehicle Designed for 8 or More Adult Passengers (Commercial Class Only)
ONo Tractor/Trailer CMV (Commercial Class Only)
O1No Tractor/Trailer CMV/Truck Not Over 26,000 GVWR (Commercial Class Only)
O2No Tractor/Trailer CMV/Truck Not Over 18,000 GVWR (Commercial Class Only)
PNo Passengers in CMV Bus (Commercial Learner Permit Only)
P1Power Brakes
QPower Steering
RBuilt Up Seat/Ped/Shoe
UHand-Operated Brake
VMedical Variance (Commercial Class Only)
V1Foot Oper Parking Brake
WNo Vehicle Over 18,000 lbs
XNo Cargo in CMV Tank Vehicle (Commercial Learner Permit Only)
X1Full Hand Control
YShoulder Harness Use
ZNo Full Airbrake Equipped CMV (Commercial Class Only)
Z1Wheel Spinner
4Telescopic Lens 4
5No Limited Access Rds