Driver licenses and the Green Light Law

The Driver's License Access and Privacy Act, commonly called the 'Green Light law allows all New Yorkers age 16 and older to apply for a standard, not for federal purpose, non-commercial driver license or learner permit regardless of their citizenship or lawful status in the United States.


You do not need a Social Security card to apply for a license or permit

Under the Driver's License Access and Privacy Act, driver license applicants who have never been issued a Social Security Number are eligible to apply.

You must sign an Affidavit (sworn statement) of never having been issued a Social Security Number when you apply for a standard driver license


Documents you will need to apply

All Applicants for a standard driver license must show a combination of documents that prove 1. name, 2. date of birth, and 3. New York State residency.

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REAL ID compliance

If you do not have proof that you have a Social Security Number, been issued a Social Security Ineligibility Letter by the Social Security Administration or have proof of your lawful status in the US, your standard driver license will not comply with the federal REAL ID Act. In accordance with the law, all licenses that do not meet REAL ID standards are marked "NOT FOR FEDERAL PURPOSES.”  This also means, after May 2025, you cannot use your license to board a domestic flight (within the United States) or enter some secure federal buildings.


You cannot apply for a Non-Driver ID Card

The Green Light Law does not apply to Non-Driver ID cards.


Your license or permit will not look different from other standard New York Driver licenses

All standard New York State driver licenses look the same regardless of the proof documents you provide when you apply.  All standard driver licenses will be marked "NOT FOR FEDERAL PURPOSES". 


You need to pass tests to get a permit and license

You need to pass a written (knowledge) test to get a driver learner permit and then you must pass a road test before you can get a driver license. Follow the steps below to get your learner permit and driver license.

Step 1: Study the New York State Driver Manual and take practice tests

To prepare for the permit written test, read the online NY State Driver's Manual (or get a paper copy at any DMV office) and take the practice tests for each chapter. If you do not study the Driver Manual, you will not pass the test. 


Step 2: Go to a DMV office to apply for a permit and take the test

Some offices, such as the White Plains, Huntington, and License Express offices, do not offer knowledge tests.  Find an office location and review the services provided before visiting the office for the knowledge test.


Step 3: Practice driving and take an authorized pre-licensing course

While you have the permit, you must practice driving. You must also take a DMV-authorized pre-licensing course. See additional information about getting a permit.


Step 4: Schedule and take the road test to get your license

After you pass the knowledge course and feel comfortable driving, you must take and pass a DMV road test to get your license. During this test, you will be in a car with a DMV Road Test Examiner who will ask you to show that you know how to drive safely. Once you pass this test, you will receive a driver license. See additional information about getting a driver license.

You cannot apply for a commercial license (CDL) under this law

You can only apply for a non-commercial license under this law. 


This law does not allow you to register to vote if you are not eligible

This law does not change your eligibility to register to vote in New York. Only US citizens are eligible to register to vote.


This law does not allow you to become a US Citizen

This law relates only to driving privileges in New York State.  It does not provide a pathway to citizenship for applicants who are not already US citizens

Renewing or replacing your license or permit

If you have a New York State driver license that is expired less than two years, you may be eligible to renew.  See additional information about renewing a driver license.

If you obtained your license without showing proof of a Social Security Number, and you need to renew or replace it, you will need to do so by mail or in person at a DMV office.  DMV online services require the user to have a social security number on file.


Language Assistance

All DMV Offices will provide language access assistance to individuals with limited English proficiency.


Privacy Protections

The law provides a number of privacy protections that limit data sharing, including to agencies that primarily enforce immigration laws, and requires disclosure to the license holders when immigration enforcement agencies request data from DMV.


The fees to apply for a driver license or permit range between $64.50 and $107.50 and can be paid by cash, check or credit/debit card.


Office of New Americans (ONA) Hotline: 1-800-566-7636

The New York State New Americans Hotline is a toll-free, multi-lingual hotline that can assist DMV customers with any immigration-related issues or discrimination they experience at a DMV office.  The hotline provides live assistance in more than 200 languages.  Anyone can call the hotline for information and referrals, regardless of citizenship or documented status.  Calls to the hotline are confidential and anonymous.

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