Frequently asked questions for medical conditions

What form do I submit to report a medical condition which caused me to lose consciousness, awareness and/or body control?

 Submit a Physician's Statement for Medical Review Unit (MV-80U.1)


What form do I submit to report any other medical condition?

Submit a Physician's Statement (MV-80)


What form do I submit if my vision is less that 20/40 but not less than 20/70 or I wear telescopic lenses?

Submit a Eye Test Report for Medical Review Unit (MV-80L)


What form do I submit if I want to apply for a Tinted Window Exemption?

Submit a Application for Tinted Window Exemption (MV-80W)


What medical conditions would be considered for Tinted Window Exemption?

  • albinism
  • chronic actinic dermatitis/actinic reticuloid
  • dermatomyositis
  • lupus erythematosus
  • porphyria
  • xeroderma (pigmentosa) pigmentosum
  • severe drug photosensitivity, provided that the course of treatment causing the photosensitivity is expected to be of prolonged duration
  • photophobia associated with an ophthalmic or neurological disorder
  • any other condition or disorder causing severe photosensitivity in which the individual is required for medical reasons to be shielded from the direct rays of the sun.


If I submit a Request for Driver Review form (DS-7), does the source of the information remain anonymous?

Yes, the source remains anonymous unless the report is submitted by someone who acts in an official capacity.


Is a physician required by law to report to the DMV if a driver has a seizure or a loss of consciousness?

No, a physician is not required by New York State law to report this to the DMV. However, in the interest of the health and safety of the driver and the safety of all highway users, any such incidents should be reported promptly using a Physician's Reporting Form (DS-6).


I was involved in an accident where I fell asleep. Why must my physician submit a report to the Medical Review Unit?

The Medical Review Unit must investigate when a police accident report indicates the driver has any condition that may affect driving abilities.  For more information, see Accident-crash police reports.


Who do I contact about the use of hearing aids while driving?

For information about the use of hearing aids by drivers, contact the DMV Call Center for your area code.


I cannot wear a seat belt due to a medical condition. What can I do?

New York State Vehicle and Traffic Law Section 1229-c (7) requires an operator or passenger whose physical disability prevents appropriate safety belt or safety seat restraint to obtain a statement from a physician. The statement must be on the letterhead of the physician, describe the nature of the hardship and the reason that a safety belt or safety seat restraint is not appropriate.

The statement must be carried by the operator or passenger while in a motor vehicle and presented to a law enforcement officer as necessary.


What heart conditions require review and approval by the Medical Review Unit?

Drivers with heart defibrillators and ventricular tachyarrhythmia require review and approval by the Medical Review Unit.

Other heart conditions are subject to Medical Review Unit approval only if the condition is associated with loss of consciousness. These conditions include

  • atrial fibrillation
  • heart arrhythmia
  • pacemaker
  • uncontrolled hypertension
  • coronary artery disease
  • stable heart rhythm irregularities, murmurs and stents

Any of these conditions should be reported by a physician using the Physicians Statement for Medical Review Unit form (MV-80U.1)