Get a license to drive a taxi or livery vehicle

To drive taxis and other livery vehicles in New York State, you must be 18 years of age or older and you must have a driver license that is one of these classes

  • Class A commercial driver license (CDL)
  • Class B CDL
  • Class C CDL
  • Class E driver license 


If you plan on traveling

We recommend you come to the DMV now to get an Enhanced or REAL ID, and avoid a second office visit later. 1  Learn about Enhanced, REAL ID and Standard documents


Change from a Class D to a Class E license

Step 1: Complete the


Step 2: Determine what identification you need to bring to the DMV

  • if you want a REAL ID or Enhanced, complete this document guide to know what proofs of identity to bring to an office 


    Find the documents you need to get a REAL ID or Enhanced license

  • On the first page, select: Change my existing NY State license/ID to a REAL ID or Enhanced
  • if you want a Standard that will display "NOT FOR FEDERAL PURPOSES", bring your current NY State license as proof of identity


Step 3: Go to the DMV

  • surrender your Class D license.
  • apply and pay for your Class E license
    • the fee depends on the expiration date of your current driver license - we cannot calculate your fee until you apply
  • take the vision test or prove that you meet our vision requirements


See location, instructions and reservation information for your DMV


Step 4: Get your Class E license in the mail

 Allow 2 weeks for your new  license to arrive.


If you do not have New York State driver license

If you do not have a driver license, learn how to apply for your first driver license. Apply for a Class E driver license instead of a Class D driver license. The Class D license and the Class E license both require the same vision, written and road tests.

The New York City Taxi and Limousine Commission (T&LC) regulates taxi drivers and livery drivers in New York City. If you plan to drive a taxi or livery vehicle in New York City, contact the Taxi and Limousine Commission.

  1. 1. Starting in May 2025, you will need an Enhanced or REAL ID to board a domestic flight (unless you have a passport). 

    If your license or permit was issued before October 30, 2017 and is not Enhanced, you have a Standard document.  

    Newly issued Standard license and permits state: 'NOT FOR FEDERAL PURPOSES