NYS Adventure License and Adventure Custom Plates

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NYS Adventure Custom Plates

The I LOVE NY Adventure Custom Plates (viewable here) are available to individuals that hold a currently valid NYS Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) issued Sporting License and/or a NYS Office of Parks, Recreation and Historic Preservation (Parks) issued Empire Passport. Available in passenger, commercial and motorcycle registration classes, these beautiful plates allow you to proudly display your love of the outdoors.


What do the Adventure Custom Plates cost?


Passenger & Commercial Registration Class
TypeInitial FeeEach Renewal*


Motorcycle Registration Class
TypeInitial FeeEach Renewal*


* The fee noted for each renewal is the $15 annual I LOVE NY fee + the personalization fee (if applicable) and does not include the regular registration renewal fees due upon each renewal.  As the $15 I LOVE NY fee is an annual fee, if your registration is renewed every two years (passenger and commercial class), the fee is $30 at renewal.  Motorcycle classes renew every 1 year; therefore a $15 I LOVE NY fee will be due at each renewal.  

If you purchased a LIFETIME NYS Parks issued Empire Passport or DEC issued LIFETIME Sporting License in 2014, the fees noted above (except personalization fees, if applicable) are waived for your first plate purchase and first renewal only.  Personalization fees are $31.25 for passenger and commercial registration classes and $18.75 for motorcycle registration class.  

To obtain the  I LOVE NY Adventure Custom Plates for a passenger or commercial registration class vehicle, you may order them online at I LOVE NY Adventure Custom Plates Gallery or by mail by completing the Application for Custom Plates (CP-30) and mailing it to the Custom Plates Unit at NYS Department of Motor Vehicles, Custom Plates Unit, P.O. Box 2775, Albany, NY 12220. To obtain the I LOVE NY Adventure Custom Plates for a motorcycle registration class, you must order them by mail, no online ordering is possible.  A copy of your driver license and a copy of your sporting  license or Empire Passport must accompany the application form.  

Adventure Custom Plates cannot be ordered in a DMV office.


NYS Adventure License

DMV has teamed with the NYS Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) and the Office of Parks, Recreation and Historic Preservation (Parks) to offer a new convenient service for purchasers of DEC issued Lifetime Sporting Licenses and Parks issued Lifetime Empire Passports and Boating Safety Certificates. Beginning February 3, 2014, your driver license, permit or non-driver ID can show evidence that you possess one of these new NYS Adventure Licenses.

The lifetime recreational license icons will be displayed on the DMV photo document as shown below:

Icon Key:

Adventure License Icon Key


More information about purchasing a NYS Adventure License may be obtained at the NYS website.

How do I take advantage of this easy new service?

  • New lifetime sporting license purchasers and those that complete a boating safety course can opt to have icons added to their NYS Driver license and non driver ID when you purchase your lifetime sporting license, or complete your boating safety certification training. (As a reminder, Brianna’s Law requires all motorboat operators to complete a boating safety course. New age requirements begin January 1, 2020 with full compliance by January 1, 2025. For a list of boating safety courses or to learn more about this new law, please visit Parks’ Boating Education page.)
  • You may choose to get your new DMV photo document with the icons immediately, for a fee of $12.50 ($5.00 for non-driver ID holders), or wait for your next license renewal at no charge.
  • Those purchasing a Lifetime Empire Passport will be automatically issued a new license at no cost.

What If I already have a lifetime sporting license or safe boating certificate?

You may request the icons be added to your DMV photo document in two ways; online using the Online Sporting License System at the NYS website or by visiting a NYS Department of Motor Vehicles office and presenting the required proof.  When visiting the DMV office, there is a $12.50 ($5.00 for non-driver ID holders) new document fee unless you are renewing your photo document during your visit.

For more information, see the NYS Adventure License FAQs.