Report a medical condition

How do I notify DMV that someone has a medical condition that affects their driving ability?

What does DMV do when it receives a report from a doctor?

If a physician reports that an individual has a condition that can affect that individual's driving skills, DMV can suspend the individual's driver license until a physician certifies that the condition is treated or controlled and the individual can drive safely. DMV can require that the physician recertify at a later time that the condition does not affect the individual's ability to drive. If DMV does not receive the required certification, DMV can suspend the driver license.

What does DMV do it if receives a report from someone who is not a doctor?

If DMV receives a report from a person who is not a physician, each case is decided separately. DMV does not take action on reports based on age alone. DMV may schedule a re-examination for the driver or an evaluation interview with a license examiner. After the evaluation interview, the license examiner will decide if specific tests are necessary.

A re-examination can include a vision test, a written test, or a road test. If the driver does not appear for a re-examination or does not pass the tests, DMV may suspend or revoke the driver's license. For more information, see DMV's driver re-evaluation program.  


Does DMV reveal my identity if I report a driver’s medical condition?

No.  A copy of the DS-7 report is available under the Freedom of Information Law (FOIL). However, DMV does not disclose the name of the person who completed the DS-7 in response to a FOIL request.