Vision information

How to send a vision test report electronically or by mail

Follow the information in this section if your license expired from March 1, 2020 through August 31, 2021. If you need to renew your license, please see How to renew a license.

Note: There is a different process for renewing a commercial driver license (CDL).


Step 1: Pass a vision test

  • If you pass a vision test by an approved provider (find a test location now), you do not have to send the vision test results, the provider will enter the results for you. 
  • If you pass a vision test from a provider that is not approved to be in DMV's Vision Registry, your provider must complete Vision Test Report (MV-619) and you must submit it to the DMV. 

Step 2: Submit your completed vision test report


Fill out and submit a short webform using the information on your completed Vision Test Report (MV-619). 

Submit vision test electronically


By mail

Do not send anything other than your completed MV-619 to the address below. 

Mail to:

License Production Bureau 
PO Box 2688-ESP
Albany, NY 12220-0668
Attn: Vision Registry


You can also visit your local DMV to have your vision tested.

See location, instructions and reservation information for your DMV