Become a PIRP sponsor

How can my organization be approved as a PIRP Sponsor?

Your organization must submit a Classroom Sponsoring Agency Application (DTP-301) to DMV, along with all supporting documentation, showing that you meet all of the requirements.  These are in Commissioner’s Regulations Part 138. They include

  • the name of the organization 
  • names and addresses of all owners, operators, managers, partners, officers and directors in the agency/organization (including any/all names by which any have been known)
  • proof that your business is filed with New York Department of State
  • proof of your business’ structure (partnership, corporation, LLC, etc.)
  • proof that you have Worker’s Compensation and Disability Benefits Insurance coverage
  • the title or name of the course
  • proof of your ownership of the course
  • proof that the course is effective (see Commissioner’s Regulations Part 138, Section 138.4{e}{5} for details)
  • a copy of your course, complete with all instructor manuals, workbooks, and media to be used

Your proposed course must meet all of the requirements established in Commissioner’s Regulations Part 138, Section 138.4{d} (Course Approval). 

The course must include a minimum of 320 minutes of instruction with a certified instructor present (plus at least one 30 minute break if the course is given in one day). The course must address these topics

  • the concept of collision prevention, including a discussion of the factors involved in traffic situations
  • alcohol and drug use as a contributing factor in motor vehicle collisions
  • accident prevention techniques
  • the use of occupant restraints
  • the risk factors involved in driver attitude and behavior such as speeding, reckless and aggressive driving, and improper lane use
  • traffic laws in New York State
  • physical and mental condition of drivers
  • conditions and strategies of driving
  • city versus suburban driving and rural versus expressway driving

Your course must use up-to-date audio/visual aids such as films, slides, and videotapes/media which cannot take up more than 25% of the presentation time.

You must also:

  • Provide DMV a description of the minimum qualifications of all managers and instructors you will hire or approve to administer or teach your course.

  • Submit with your application, a full description of the instructor training course, including the number of hours and a copy of the curriculum.  You must provide a minimum of six hours of instructor training programs to each instructor at least every two years.  Your training program must address teaching methodologies and psychology of learning, and a discussion of all applicable laws, regulations, and policies. Your instructors must demonstrate their teaching abilities in this training.

  • Provide each instructor with an instructor's manual and provide student workbooks and/or manuals for each course participant. Workbooks must prominently display your agency’s name and telephone number.

  • Provide for DMV’s approval, a sample course completion certificate (which is designed to prevent fraud and forgery) to be submitted to insurance companies.

  • Have a system of record keeping that is compatible with DMV’s requirements for data entry of course completion information.

  • Establish and maintain appropriate lines of communication with DMV to provide efficient and effective administration of the course.

  • Keep an office in New York State for the operation and supervision of your course, to provide customer assistance and to keep program records.  This office must be open to DMV inspection during normal business hours, or by appointment convenient to DMV.

  • Submit with your application copies of all written policies and procedures related to the administration of the program.

  • Provide required documentation of your organizations’ structure. This includes proof that your organization is authorized to do business in New York and your locality.

  • Establish a License Event Notification Service (LENS) account with DMV. The LENS service will monitor the driving records of your instructors, to ensure all instructors are qualified at all times to teach the accident prevention course.  

The necessary forms are listed below.  They are available upon request from DMV's Bureau of Driver Training Programs.

  • Article 12-B of New York State Vehicle and Traffic Law

  • Subchapter J Part 138 Commissioner’s Rules and Regulations - Motor Vehicle Accident Prevention Course

  • PIRP Inventory Checklist Application Package Inventory Checklist for the Point and Insurance Reduction Program

  • Point and Insurance Reduction Program (PIRP) – Classroom Sponsoring Agency Application (DTP-301)

  • PIRP/IPIRP/Alternate Delivery Method Program Personal History Form (DTP-304)

  • PIRP/IPIRP/Alternate Delivery Method Program Business Responsibility Questionnaire (DTP-305)

  • MV-15DPPA Driver’s Privacy Protection Act Prohibition on Release and Use of Certain Personal Information

  • DPPA MOU for MV-15 Memorandum of Understanding – Driver’s Privacy Protection Act

  • Completion Reporting Technical Specifications Data

  • Sample Class Roster Sheet

You must mail your completed application, along with all required documentation and course material to DMV's Bureau of Driver Training Programs.

For more information or to request forms, contact:

New York State Department of Motor Vehicles
Driver Training Programs
6 Empire State Plaza, Room 336
Albany, NY 12228
(518) 473-7174


For your convenience, many DMV PDF forms can be filled in online and then printed.