Renew a driving school instructor certificate

About renewing a Driving School Instructor Certificate

Driving School Instructor Certificates (form MV-524) are valid for up to two years. The expiration date appears on the front of the certificate.  These certificates must be valid whenever an instructor is providing any instruction for the school. 

What are the requirements to renew a Driving School Instructor Certificate?

To renew your Driving School Instructor Certificate, you must be employed by a licensed driving school and meet all of the following requirements

  • your driver license must be valid for all class(es) of vehicle(s) you will teach motorists to drive in
  • your driving privileges must not have been suspended or revoked within the last two years (except for temporary license suspensions)
  • you have accumulated less than 7 points on your license within the last 24 months
  • you have had fewer than 3 reportable accidents within the last 24 months

Important information for new instructors

Before your Driving School Instructor Certificate can be renewed, you must also complete “a course in driver training and traffic safety, approved by the Commissioner, consisting of at least 30 hours” (known as the Methods and Content Course for In-Car Instruction [MCCII]).  This 30-hour course is taught by various community colleges and driving schools that have been approved by DMV to provide this course.

If this is your first instructor renewal, you must include a copy of the completion certificate for this course with your application.

Under certain circumstances, your certificate may be eligible for a one-time one year renewal without the completion certificate.  The driving school owner must submit a written request to waive this requirement with your application. 

How do I renew my Driving School Instructor Certificate?

You must complete an Application for Driving School Instructor Certificate (MV-523).  Be sure to answer all questions, provide any explanations or information needed and include all required documentation.

Bring your completed application form to the driving school owner. With the application, you will need to include

  • one passport-type photos of yourself, taken within the last 30 days
  • a check or money order, payable to Commissioner of Motor Vehicles, for the renewal fee.  The renewal fee is $20 for two years.  Starter checks, cash, or credit cards cannot be accepted.

NOTE:  If your driver license is issued from a state other than New York, you must include with your application a certified copy of your driving record from the state agency that issued your license.  You will only be able to renew your certificate for one year.

The driving school owner must mail your application to:

New York State Department of Motor Vehicles
Bureau of Driver Training Programs
6 Empire State Plaza, Room 327
Albany, NY 12228
(518) 473-7174