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Form Title Purpose
IRP-95 IRP Registration Authorization Information

Authorization by owner for registration of a vehicle in another person’s name. Owner’s proof of ID and date of birth required when submitting.

MV-103 Odometer and Damage Disclosure Statement

For use by a dealer or private owner where the title or dealer's certificate of sale does not have an odometer/damage disclosure statement section required by law.

MV-104 Report of Motor Vehicle Accident

Required to be filed with DMV by all drivers involved in reportable motor vehicle accidents. See Motorist Accident Reports.

MV-1046 TEENS (Teen Electronic Event Notification Service) Program

This form outlines the requirements and instructions to enroll in TEENS (Teen Electronic Event Notification Service).

MV-104C Bicycle Accident Report

Required to be filed by a bicyclist when a bike accident involving death or serious physical injury occurs on a public highway, but DOES NOT involve a motor vehicle. Use form MV-104 to report accidents involving motor vehicles.

MV-104COV Police Accident Report Cover Sheet

Cover Sheet for Police Accident Report forms MV-104A and MV-104AN.  This cover sheet was formerly form MV-104AC.

MV-104F Accident Report for School Vehicles Transporting Pupils/Teacher/Supervisors

Report completed for a school vehicle transporting students, teachers and/or supervisors involved in a motor vehicle accident.

MV-104F.1 Accident Report for School Vehicles Transporting Pupils/Teacher/Supervisors (Continuation Sheet)

Continuation sheet for additional information for form MV-104F.

MV-1056 TEENS (Teen Electronic Event Notification Service) Program FAQs

Frequently asked questions relating to TEENS (Teen Electronic Event Notification Service).

MV-109 Information and Certification for Vanpool Plates

Use to request Vanpool Registration

MV-114 Information for Pick-up Truck Owners

Information sheet on obtaining passenger plates for pick-up trucks in order to use restricted highways such as parkways.

MV-14 Supplement to Driver's Manual for Tow Truck Driver's Endorsement

Use this manual to study for the written examination to add a tow truck driver endorsement on your driver license.
Note:  Some of the charts in the manual can be difficult to read when viewed online, but the charts are legible when you print the manual.

MV-1441.3 Certification of Lost License, Permit or Plates

Complete this form if you are required to surrender your NYS driver license, learner permit or vehicle plates because of a suspension or revocation and the document or the vehicle plates are lost.

MV-14S Suplemento del Manual del Conductor para Conductores de Grúas Acreditación

Suplemento del Manual del Conductor para Conductores de Grúas Acreditación

MV-15 Request for Certified DMV Records

Use to request most DMV records, including driver record abstracts. See DMV Records for information on the Federal Driver's Privacy Protection Act. Use MV-198C for accident reports.

You can order a driver record abstract.

MV-15C Request For Driving Record Information

As part of the Driver's Privacy Protection Act, use this form to request driving record information.

MV-15CA طلب معلومات سجل القيادة

.كجزء من قانون حماية خصوصية السائق، استخدم هذا النموذج لطلب معلومات سجل القيادة

MV-15CAL Kërkesë për informacion rreth precedentëve të drejtimit të automjetit

Në kuadër të Ligjit “Për mbrojtjen e privatësisë së drejtuesit të automjetit”, përdorni këtë formular për të kërkuar informacion rreth precedentëve të drejtimit të automjetit.

MV-15CB ড্রাইভিং রেকর্ডের তথ্যের অনুরোধ

চালকের গোপনীয়তা সুরক্ষার আইনের (Driver’s Privacy Protection Act) অংশ হিসাবে, ড্রাইভিং রেকর্ডের তথ্যের অনুরোধ করার জন্য এই ফর্মটি ব্যবহার করুন।

MV-15CCH 驾驶记录信息查询申请


MV-15CF Demande d’informations sur le dossier de conduite

Dans le cadre de la loi sur la protection de la vie privée des conducteurs, utilisez ce formulaire pour demander des informations sur le dossier de conduite.

MV-15CFC Demand Enfòmasyon Pou Istorisite Kondui

Nan kad Lwa sou Pwoteksyon Vi Prive Chofè, sèvi ak fòm sa a pou mande enfòmasyon sou dosye kondwi.

MV-15CGR Αίτημα για Πληροφορίες Μητρώου Οδήγησης

Στο πλαίσιο του Νόμου περί Προστασίας Δεδομένων των Οδηγών, χρησιμοποιήστε αυτήν τη φόρμα για να ζητήσετε πληροφορίες του μητρώου οδήγησης.

MV-15CI Richiesta di informazioni sull’attestato di guida

Utilizzare il presente modulo per richiedere informazioni sugli attestati di guida, come previsto dalla Driver’s Privacy Protection Act (Legge federale a tutela della privacy del conducente).

MV-15CJA 運転者記録情報に関する申請書