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Form Title Purpose
MV-500HF Information importante concernant votre permis d’apprenti conducteur

Restrictions pour toute personne titulaire d’un permis d’apprenti conducteur de catégorie DJ ou MJ.

MV-500HFC Enfòmasyon enpòtan sou lisans apranti yo

Restriksyon pou nenpòt moun ki gen yon Klas DJ oswa yon lisans apranti MJ.

MV-500HI Informazioni importanti sui permessi temporanei di guida

Restrizioni per tutti i titolari di permesso temporaneo di guida di classe “DKJ” o “MJ”.

MV-500HK 운전연습 허가증에 관한 중요 정보

Class DJ 또는 MJ 운전연습 허가증 소지자 제한 사항.

MV-500HP Ważne informacje o zezwoleniach dla osób uczących się

Ograniczenia dla osób posiadających zezwolenie klasy DJ lub zezwolenie dla osób uczących się MJ

MV-500HR Важная информация об ученических правах

Ограничения для лиц с ученическими правами класса DJ или MJ.

MV-500HS Información importante sobre los permisos de estudiante

Restricciones para cualquier persona que tenga un permiso de estudiante de Clase DJ o MJ.

MV-500HU لرنر پرمٹ کے بارے میں اہم معلومات

کا لرنر پرمٹ رکھنے والے کسی بھی شخص کے لیے پابندیاں۔ MJ یا DJ درجہ

MV-500HY וויכטיגע אינפארמאציע וועגן לערנער'ס פערמיטס

.פערמיט MJ אדער DJ צוימונגען פאר סיי וועלכע מענטש וואס האט א קלאס

MV-51 Affidavit of Sale or Transfer

Use to certify ownership and to transfer a non-titled vehicle which was never registered by the current owner. May not be used by auto dealers and must be accompanied by other proofs of ownership.

MV-519 Information Concerning Oversized/Overweight Vehicles

Provides information on maximum vehicle weights and dimensions in NYS and how to obtain oversize/overweight permits.

MV-51B Statement of Ownership for Non-Titled Vehicles, Boats, Snowmobiles and All-Terrain Vehicles

Use to certify ownership of a non-titled vehicle, vessel, snowmobile or all-terrain vehicle and to certify why proof of ownership is not available. Must be accompanied by other documents listed on the form.

MV-520 Application for Original Driving School License

Application for original license for a driving school. Revised June 2020.

MV-521 Application to Amend a Driving School License

Application to amend an existing commercial driving school license.

MV-521.1 Personal History

Required for all owners, partners, corporate officers, managers, agents, employees and major stockholders of a driving school or private service bureau.

MV-522 Driving School Renewal Application

Used to renew a driving school license.

MV-522.1 Access to DMV Internet Road Test Scheduling System

Application for driving schools to use the DMV online road test scheduling system.

MV-523 Application for Driving School Instructor Certificate

Application for certification as a driving school instructor. Revised March 2020.

MV-526 Driving School Instructor Termination Notice

Use this form to notify the Department of Motor Vehicles about the termination of a driving school instructor as required by DMV Commissioner's Regulation 76.15(f). Provide a copy of this termination notice to the instructor.

MV-527 List of Driving School Vehicles

Required to be filed by driving school applicants, listing all vehicles used by for instruction or road tests.

MV-529 Vehicle Equipment for Passenger Vehicles

List of required equipment for passenger vehicles.

MV-529A Equipment Required for Commercial Vehicles

List of required equipment for commercial vehicles.

MV-529B Equipment Required For Motorcycles - Including Limited Use Motorcycles

List of required equipment for motorcycles and limited use motorcycles (mopeds).

MV-529C Equipment Required for Trailers

List of equipment required for trailers.

MV-52SN Snowmobile Dealer Registration Instructions

Instructions on how to register as a snowmobile dealer and how to process customer snowmobile registrations.