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ID-82K 등록 및 권리 인증용 신원 증명서

차량 등록 및 권리 인증 신청서에 대해 허용되는 ID 및 생년월일 증명서를 나열합니다.  모바일 기기에서 보다 쉽게 보려면 NYS 차량 등록 또는 권리 인증서에 대한 신원 및 생년월일 증명서를 참조하십시오. MV-82 및 MV-82.1 양식도 참조하십시오.

ID-82P Dowody tożsamości do dokumentów rejestracyjnych i świadectwa własności

Zawiera listę dokumentów potwierdzających tożsamość i datę urodzenia akceptowanych wraz z wnioskiem o wydanie dokumentów rejestracyjnych i świadectwa własności pojazdu. W celu łatwiejszego przeglądania treści na urządzeniu mobilnym, patrz Dokumenty potwierdzające tożsamość i datę urodzenia wymagane w celu uzyskania dokumentów rejestracyjnych i świadectw własności pojazdów w stanie Nowy Jork. Patrz również formularze MV-82 i MV-82.1.


Форма перечисляет документы для подтверждения личности и даты рождения, принимаемые в рамках процедур регистрации автомобиля и установления права собственности.  Для более удобного просмотра на мобильном устройстве, см. «Подтверждение личности и даты рождения для регистрации автомобиля в штате Нью-Йорк или для сертификата собственника». См. также формы MV-82 и MV-82.1.

ID-82S Comprobante de identidad para registro y título

Enumera los comprobantes de identidad y fecha de nacimiento aceptados para las solicitudes de registro y título de vehículos.  Para una visualización más fácil en un dispositivo móvil, vea Comprobantes de identidad y fecha de nacimiento para registros y certificados de título de vehículos en el Estado de NY. Consulte también los formularios MV-82 y MV-82.1.

ID-82Y באווייזן פון אידענטיטעט פאר רעגיסטראציע און טיטל

און געבורט דאטום וואס ווערן אנגענומען פאר וויהיקל רעגיסטראציע און ID רעכנט אויס באווייזן פון

טיטל אפליקאציעס.  צו זען גרינגער אויף א מאבייל אפאראט, זעט באווייזן פון אידענטיטעט און געבורט 

און MV-82 וויהיקל רעגיסטראציעס אדער טיטל סערטיפיקאציעס. זעט אויך פארמס NYS דאטום פאר 


IRP-16 Application Booklet for International Registration Plan

For optional apportioned registration of large commercial vehicles operated in two or more International Registration Plan jurisdictions. Optional registration program for commercial vehicles with maximum gross weight rating of 26,000 lbs. or more, or three or more axles. TIP — Large file, recommend save to local disk.

IRP-1POA Power of Attorney Authorization for International Registration Plan Business

For the Principal account holder to appoint and agent to act as authorized IRP Representative.

IRP-21 IRP Temporary Authority (TA) Request Form (Attachment B)

For NY IRP account holders requesting 30-day temporary authority while NY IRP application is being filed. Application forms and this form must be faxed to (518) 486-6579. See IRP instruction manual for more information.

IRP-23 Instructions for Obtaining a Receipt for a Certificate of Title (Form FS-6T)

This form contains instructions for obtaining a receipt for a certificate of title (FS-6T). You must get this receipt before you may file an application for apportioned registration in the International Registration Program.

IRP-33 IRB Renewal Checklist

IRB carriers use this form to ensure that they submit all required documents with their renewal applications.

IRP-34 IRP Renewal Packet

Packet of forms and instructions to renew IRP (apportioned) registrations in NYS.

IRP-5 Schedule B - Mileage Information for Fleets

Schedule B – Mileage Information for Fleets

IRP-6 International Registration Plan Schedule A & C

Schedules A and C for International Registration Plan (Apportioned Registration).

IRP-6A International Registration Plan Schedule A & C - Part 5

Schedule A & C - Part 5 for International Registration Plan. This form provides additional entries for vehicles registered under the Plan.

IRP-8 Apportioned Registration Manual

Complete informational and instruction manual for International Registration Plan (apportioned registration) participants in NYS.
This is a large file - recommend save to local disk.

IRP-95 IRP Registration Authorization Information

Authorization by owner for registration of a vehicle in another person’s name. Owner’s proof of ID and date of birth required when submitting.

MV-103 Odometer and Damage Disclosure Statement

For use by a dealer or private owner where the title or dealer's certificate of sale does not have an odometer/damage disclosure statement section required by law.

MV-104 Report of Motor Vehicle Accident

Required to be filed with DMV by all drivers involved in reportable motor vehicle accidents. See Motorist Accident Reports.

MV-1046 TEENS (Teen Electronic Event Notification Service) Program

This form outlines the requirements and instructions to enroll in TEENS (Teen Electronic Event Notification Service).

MV-104C Bicycle Accident Report

Required to be filed by a bicyclist when a bike accident involving death or serious physical injury occurs on a public highway, but DOES NOT involve a motor vehicle. Use form MV-104 to report accidents involving motor vehicles.

MV-104COV Police Accident Report Cover Sheet

Cover Sheet for Police Accident Report forms MV-104A and MV-104AN.  This cover sheet was formerly form MV-104AC.

MV-104D Police Report for Fatal Motor Vehicle Accidents

Police Report for Fatal Motor Vehicle Accidents

MV-104EN Early Notification of a Fatal Accident

Used to notify DMV, as required by law, that a fatal crash has occurred and a full report will be forthcoming.

MV-104F Accident Report for School Vehicles Transporting Pupils/Teacher/Supervisors

Report completed for a school vehicle transporting students, teachers and/or supervisors involved in a motor vehicle accident.

MV-104F.1 Accident Report for School Vehicles Transporting Pupils/Teacher/Supervisors (Continuation Sheet)

Continuation sheet for additional information for form MV-104F.