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Form Title Purpose
79-SBG NYS Motor Vehicle Inspection Regulations Amendment Small Business Regulation Guide

Small Business Regulation Guide that explains amendments made in 2008 to the NYS Motor Vehicle Inspection Regulations (Part 79). Also see form CR-79 above.

AA-137W Waiver of Hearing

Waiving right to a hearing for a chemical test refusal.

AA-15 TVB Ticket Management for Attorneys Application for Web Access

Used by an attorney who is licensed to practice law in New York State, and who represents clients at their Traffic Violations Bureau (TVB) hearings, to apply for an Internet access account to manage client traffic tickets and schedule TVB hearings online.

AA-3.3 Applications to Open Default Conviction

Use this form to request that the DMV reopen a Traffic Violations Bureau traffic ticket from New York City or Rochester that resulted in a default judgment against you. You must include any documents that may be necessary to support your statements, and you must be willing to participate in a hearing. This form cannot be used in local courts or for tickets where a default judgment was not entered.

AA-33 Traffic Violations Bureau Appeal Form

Use to file an appeal from a conviction and/or penalty imposed for non-criminal moving violations after a DMV Traffic Violations Bureau hearing in NYC or Rochester only (see Traffic Tickets). For convictions or penalties by courts in other locations and courts, contact the court, not DMV, for appeal information.

Determine if you can file your appeal online instead of using form AA-33.

AA-33A Appeal From DMV Hearing Determination

Use to file an appeal from a finding and/or penalty imposed after a DMV hearing regarding such matters as a fatal accident, chemical test refusal, or motor-vehicle related business regulated by DMV. Also used to appeal denial by DMV of driver license or business permit application. Cannot be used to appeal suspensions or revocations resulting from traffic violation convictions in a court or a DMV Traffic Violations Bureau.

AA-33FI Freedom of Information Appeal Form

Used to appeal a denial of access to records.

AA-71 Franchised Motor Vehicle Dealer Request for Adjudicatory Proceeding

Used by a franchised motor vehicle dealer to request that a grievance with the franchisor be heard before a DMV administrative law judge.

AA-AUD1 Audit Appeal Form for International Registration Plan Registrants

International Registration Plan registrants may use this form within 30 days to appeal an audit finding.

AV-1 Autonomous Vehicle Technology Demonstration/Testing Application

Use this form to apply test or demonstrate motor vehicles equipped with autonomous vehicle technology on public highways in New York State. 

AV-2 Autonomous Vehicle Technology Demonstration/Testing Addendum

Use this addendum when applying to test or demonstrate a motor vehicle equipped with autonomous vehicle technology on public highways in New York State.  

Boats Registration Requirements for Boats

Registration Requirements for Boats

CCRP-1 Original Driver License

Instructions to apply for an original NYS learner permit and driver license.  See also New Drivers: How to Apply

CCRP-1EDL Original Enhanced Driver License

Information and instructions to apply for an enhanced driver license (EDL), enhanced learner permit or enhanced non-driver photo ID card (ENDID).
Also see the application instructions (MV-44.1EDL) and application form (MV-44EDL).
See the information about EDLs and ENDIDs.

CDL-102 CDL Certification for Military Waiver of Skills Test

Used to apply for a waiver from a CDL Skills Test when the applicant has qualifying military experience. The applicant must meet all other CDL requirements.

CDL-10INTROCH 商业驾驶手册(CDL-10)简介


CDL-10INTROFC Manyèl (CDL-10) Yon ti rale Komèsyal chofè

Manyèl (CDL-10) Yon ti rale Komèsyal chofè

CDL-10INTROI Manuale (CDL-10) Introduzione di guida Commercial

Manuale (CDL-10) Introduzione di guida Commercial

CDL-10INTROK 상업 운전 매뉴얼 (CDL-10) 소개

상업 운전 매뉴얼 (CDL-10) 소개

CDL-10INTROR Руководство (CDL-10) Введение коммерческого водителя

Руководство (CDL-10) Введение коммерческого водителя

CDL-15 Article 19-A Guide for Motor Carriers

This guide clarifies the documentation requirements for each driver's file and also points out many common mistakes.

CFV-1 Designation as a New York State Covered Farm Vehicle

Form should be completed and kept in the farm vehicle to prove Designation as a New York State Covered Farm Vehicle

CP-62.1 Order Form for Personalized Plates or Cause, Organization, Regional, Colleges and Fraternities or Sports Picture Plates

Use to order personalized plates or picture plates for causes, organizations, regional, colleges/fraternities/sororities or sports.

CR-138 Part 138 of DMV Commissioner's Regulations

DMV regulations governing motor vehicle accident prevention courses.

CR-141 Part 141 of DMV Commissioner's Regulations

DMV regulations governing accident prevention courses delivered via the Internet and other alternate delivery methods.