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Form Title Purpose
RV-2 All Terrain Vehicle Dealer Registration Instructions

Instructions about the ALL Terrain vehicle (ATV) Registration Program for ATV dealers registered with the NYS DMV. TIP — Large file, recommend save to local disk.

RV-253 Application for Snowmobile Dealer Registration

Used to apply for a New York State Snowmobile Dealer Registration. Instructions are included in the form.

SDVOB Utilization Plan New York State Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Business Enterprise (SDVOB ACT) Program

In accordance with 9 NYCRR 252, the New York State Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) complies with the posting of approved Utilization Plans or Waivers for state contracts with DMV executed on and after April 1, 2018.

SR-60 Supporting Affirmation

Filed with a copy of an unsatisfied judgment of $1,000 or more that resulted from operation of a motor vehicle (e.g. an accident). The license and/or registration of the person/company who failed to satisfy the judgment may then be suspended until the judgment is satisfied.

Title VI Complaint Form Title VI Non-Discrimination Complaint Form

Used to file a Title VI Non-Discrimination Complaint

TNC Review Board Report TNC Review Board Report
TNC Task Force Final Report NYS TNC Accessibility Task Force Final Report and Recommendations
TNC-1 Transportation Network Company License Application

Application for a Transportation Network Company license or renewal of the license. 

UT-11C County Use Tax Exemption Certificate

To claim exemption from local county auto use taxes outside New York City. This form may NOT be used to claim exemption from New York City auto use tax. For NYC, obtain form UT-11 from your local DMV Office or Call Center.

VS-1 Vehicle Safety Original Facility Application

Vehicle Safety Original Facility Application

VS-100 Instructions for Registering a Homemade Vehicle

Instructions to register and receive a title certificate for a homemade or unique vehicle. For homemade or custom trailers, see form VS-105.

VS-104 Certification for VERIFI Administrator Change

Use this form to request a change to the administrator for the VERIFI system.

VS-105 Registration & Title for Custom (Homemade) Trailers

Instructions to register and receive a title certificate for a homemade or custom trailer. For homemade or unique vehicles, see VS-100.

VS-1074M Vehicle Inspection Record - Safety Motorcycle

Used by a DMV-licensed motor vehicle inspection station to record safety inspections only for motorcycles.

VS-1074S Vehicle Inspection Record - Safety

Vehicle Inspection Record - Safety

VS-1074SD Vehicle Inspection Record - Safety and Diesel Emissions

Used by a DMV-licensed motor vehicle inspection station to record safety and diesel emissions inspections.

VS-1075 Inspection Rejection/Advisory Notice

Notice completed by inspection station and given to a customer when a vehicle fails an inspection.

VS-1075.3 Requisition for Miscellaneous Forms

Used by licensed NYS inspection stations to order miscellaneous DMV forms.

VS-1079DE Diesel Emissions Inspection Certification & Waiver Form

Must be completed when a diesel emissions inspection waiver is granted after diagnostics and repairs have been done and a vehicle cannot pass the inspection.

VS-1080R Proof of HDDV Repair

Diesel emissions repair and re-test certification form for signature by inspector and customer.

VS-110 Notice of Missing or Mutilated Vehicle Identification Number

Used by a licensed motor vehicle inspection station to report to DMV a missing or mutilated vehicle identification number (VIN) on an inspected vehicle.

VS-113I Inspection Certificate Order Form

Used by licensed inspection stations to order vehicle inspection certificate stickers.  Stickers may also be ordered online.

VS-114I MV-50 Retail / MV-50W Wholesale Order Form

To provide VERIFI exempt dealers with the ability to order secure paper certificates of sale.

VS-117 Application for a Motor Vehicle Body Damage Estimator License

Application for license required for those who write auto body damage estimates on behalf of auto repair shops under Section 398-d. of the Vehicle and Traffic Law.

VS-118 Request for Replacement Inspection Sticker

Used to request a replacement Inspection Sticker