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Form Title Purpose
MV-51B Statement of Ownership for Non-Titled Vehicles, Boats, Snowmobiles and All-Terrain Vehicles

Use to certify ownership of a non-titled vehicle, vessel, snowmobile or all-terrain vehicle and to certify why proof of ownership is not available. Must be accompanied by other documents listed on the form.

MV-521 Driving School License Application

Application to become a commercial driving school licensed by DMV.

MV-521.1 Personal History

Required for all owners, partners, corporate officers, managers, agents, employees and major stockholders of a driving school or private service bureau.

MV-522 Driving School Renewal Application

Used to renew a driving school license.

MV-522.1 Access to DMV Internet Road Test Scheduling System

Application for driving schools to use the DMV online road test scheduling system.

MV-523 Application for Driving School Instructor Certificate

Application for certification as a driving school instructor. Revised March 2017.

MV-526 Driving School Instructor Termination Notice

Use this form to notify the Department of Motor Vehicles about the termination of a driving school instructor as required by DMV Commissioner's Regulation 76.15(f). Provide a copy of this termination notice to the instructor.

MV-527 List of Driving School Vehicles

Required to be filed by driving school applicants, listing all vehicles used by for instruction or road tests.

MV-529 Vehicle Equipment for Passenger Vehicles

List of required equipment for passenger vehicles.

MV-529A Equipment Required for Commercial Vehicles

List of required equipment for commercial vehicles.

MV-529B Equipment Required For Motorcycles - Including Limited Use Motorcycles

List of required equipment for motorcycles and limited use motorcycles (mopeds).

MV-529C Equipment Required for Trailers

List of equipment required for trailers.

MV-52SN Snowmobile Dealer Registration Instructions

Instructions on how to register as a snowmobile dealer and how to process customer snowmobile registrations.

MV-58A Certificate of Employment

Use to certify employment of junior driver. Completed by the employer of a junior driver. The junior driver carries the form when permitted to drive to and from work without a parent, guardian, driver education teacher or driving school instructor. See the Graduated License Law (Junior Drivers) for more information.

MV-619 Vision Test Report

Completed by authorized vision test provider to certify a driver meets basic DMV vision standard (otherwise, use form MV-80L). May be used instead of taking vision test at a DMV office so a license can be renewed online or by mail.

MV-65 Vehicle Escort Driver Application

Application for certificate to operate as an escort driver for oversize vehicles. Applicants must pass a written test based on the NYS Certified Escort Manual available from DMV Offices or Call Centers.

MV-653 Certification of Eligibility for Government/Official Plates

Used only by NYS political subdivisions to certify eligibility for Government/Official plates.

MV-653EM Certification of Eligibility for Emergency Management Plates

Certification of Eligibility for Emergency Management Plates

MV-653V Volunteer Fire Company or Volunteer Ambulance Company Certification of Eligibility for Official Plates

Used only by volunteer fire companies or volunteer ambulance companies to certify eligibility for Official plates.

MV-655 Request For Exemption From Use of Political Subdivision License Plates

Request For Exemption From Use of Political Subdivision License Plates

MV-65S Solicitud Para Los Conductores Accompañates de Vehículos

Solicitud Para Los Conductores Accompañates de Vehículos

MV-663 Certification for an Additional Set of License Plates for Persons With Disabilities

Use if a disabled individual already has plates for a person with disabilities  and is requesting an additional set for a second vehicle registered to him/her and used by another disabled family member. See our brochure on Parking for People With Disabilities.

MV-664.1 Instructions and Application for a Parking Permit or License Plates, for People With Severe Disabilities

Used by New York residents to apply for plates or a parking permit for people with severe disabilities. Requires a medical doctor's signature and certification. Plates are issued at state and county DMV offices, but permits are issued by local governments, not DMV. Filing a false application is a crime.

MV-664.1CH 说明和申请停车证或号牌,为严重残疾人士


MV-664.1FC Enstriksyon ak Aplikasyon pou yon pèmi pakin oswa Lisans Plak, pou Moun ki gen gwo andikap

Enstriksyon ak Aplikasyon pou yon pèmi pakin oswa Lisans Plak, pou Moun ki gen gwo andikap