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VS-47.2 Heavy Vehicle Inspection Checklist

The indoor sign required by DMV Regulations Part 79 to be posted by an inspection station licensed to inspect heavy vehicles.

VS-47A Appraisal Repair Shop

The indoor sign required by DMV Regulations Part 82 to be posted by an appraisal repair shop registered by the DMV.

VS-48 Inspection Certificate Return Form

Use this form to return unused inspection certificates (stickers) to DMV.

VS-77 Inspection Groups and Fee Chart

A chart that lists the various types of motor vehicle inspections and the fees for the inspections.

VS-94 Public Emissions Inspection Waitlist Application

This form is to be used by businesses or individuals wishing to reserve a spot on the waitlist for public official emissions 1a inspection stations. This only applies to applicants applying in counties that already have more inspection stations than the Inspection Station Cap allows.

VS-95 Public Emissions Inspection Station Buy/Sell Agreement

This form should accompany the Original Facility Application for a public official emissions 1a inspection station that is purchasing their license from an existing facility.

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