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Form Title Purpose
MV-15D Motor Vehicle Record Search Account Application

Request for DMV records search account for government, commercial, and not-for-profit organizations, volunteer fire companies, and volunteer ambulance services..

MV-15DPPA Federal Driver's Privacy Protection Act

Text of the Federal law controlling access to personal information on driver records and other DMV records. See information on the Driver Privacy Protection Act (DPPA).

MV-15GC General Consent for Release of Personal Information

Used by a motorist to give consent for another person to obtain the motorist's personal information from DMV records. Usually filed with form MV-15. Must be notarized. See information on the Federal Driver's Privacy Protection Act.

MV-15PREED Application for Access to DMV's Portal to Registration Electronic Enforcement & Display (PREED)

Use this application to request access to DMV's Portal to Registration Electronic Enforcement & Display (PREED).

MV-197 Exempt Vehicle Certificate

For buses and ambulances that are not operated for-hire so vehicles are exempt from for-hire insurance, and registration fees in the case of some not-for-hire ambulances.

MV-198C Request for Copy of an Accident Report

To request a copy of a motor vehicle accident report filed with the DMV by the police or a motorist. Provide as much information as possible about the accident. To request reports for more than one accident, you must complete a separate form for each accident. The DMV web site also has an online transaction to order and access accident reports.

MV-1E Statement to Register a Vehicle Under Article 38

Completed by a disabled US veteran who has obtained a vehicle under Title 38 Chapter 39 of the US Code and is exempt from registration fees.

MV-1G Statement to Renew Registration Under Article 38

Completed by a disabled US veteran renewing the registration on a vehicle obtained under Title 38 Chapter 39 of the US Code.

MV-1H Statement to Register a Vehicle with Former POW or Congressional Medal of Honor Plates

Use to register a vehicle with Former POW or Congressional Medal of Honor Plates.

MV-1W Withdrawal of Consent

Used by a parent or guardian to withdraw consent for a driver license or learner permit issued to a driver under age 18.  When consent is withdrawn, the driver license or permit is cancelled.  Consent is granted on form MV-44 or MV-44S.

MV-20 Permanent Fleet Registration Program Guide

Information for owners of fleets of 200 or more vehicles that qualify for the Permanent Fleet Registration Program. Read the Overview on Page 1 for more information. Use form MV-82PFR (Permanent Fleet Registration Application) to apply.

MV-2001 Claim and Release Form

Form used when filing a "small claim" against the DMV. See form MV-2001.1 for instructions.

MV-2001.1 Instructions for Filing a "Claim and Release Form"

Instruction Sheet for form MV-2001.

MV-2001S Formulario De Reclamos Y Liberacion

Formulario De Reclamos Y Liberacion

MV-202 Passenger Vehicle Registration Fee Schedule and Use Tax Chart

Also see Registration Fees and Use Taxes for Passenger Vehicles for updates.

MV-202C Commercial Vehicle Registration Fee Schedule and Use Tax Chart

Also see Registration Fees and Use Taxes for Commercial Vehicles for updates.

MV-208A IIES Dial-in Display Supplement

Supplement to Getting Started with Dial-in (MV-15DIAL), provides information on viewing Insurance Information and Enforcement System through your Dial-in search account.

MV-21 New York State Driver's Manual - print version

Print version of Driver's Manual

MV-215 Request for Refund

Use to apply for non-automated refunds of DMV registration and license fees authorized by law. DO NOT use for automated refund requests when surrendering plates at a DMV Office.

MV-21S Manual de Conducir

Manual de Conducir

MV-232 Address Change

Use to send a change of address for your regular or enhanced driver license, non-driver photo ID card and vehicle registrations. You can also order a new document with your new address. You can change your address online immediately.

MV-232B ঠিকানার পরিবর্তন

আপনার নিয়মিত ও উন্নত ড্রাইভার লাইসেন্স, নন-ড্রাইভার ফটো আইডি কার্ড ও গাড়ির রেজিস্ট্রেশনের জন্য ঠিকানার পরিবর্তন পাঠানোর জন্য ব্যবহার করুন। নতুন ঠিকানাতেও আপনি নতুন নথির অর্ডার দিতে পারেন। আপনি আপনার ঠিকানা অনলাইনে অবিলম্বে পরিবর্তন করতে পারেন।

MV-232CH 地 址 变 更

用   于   报   告    您    的   常   规   或   增    强   型   驾   照   、  非  驾  照  身  份  证  (附照片)和  登   记  证  件  地  址  变  更  。 您  还  可  以  要   求   获   取   载    有   新   地   址   的   新    证   件  。 您   可   以   在   线   立    即   变   更   您   的    地   址   。

MV-232FC Chanjman adrès

Itilize pou voye yon chanjman adrès pou lisans chofè regilye oswa amelyore w, kat ID foto ki pa lisans ak anrejistreman machin.  Ou ka kòmande tou yon nouvo dokiman avèk nouvo adrès ou.  Ou ka chanje adrès ou sou entènèt imedyatman.

MV-232K 주 소 변 경

일  반  또   는   향   상   된   운  전  면  허, 비    운   전   자   사    진   ID 카    드   그   리  고    차   량     등   록   에      대     한   주  소    변    경   을  보 내 는   데      사   용 합   니  다   . 또   한    귀  하  의    새   주  소 로    새     문  서  를   주  문  할   수  있  습  니  다  .  주  소     를   온  라  인  에  서    즉  시   변  경  할    수 있 습  니  다   .