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Form Title Purpose
MV-299.1 Section 394 Drivers' Schools, NYS Vehicle and Traffic Law

Text of Section 394 of the NYS Vehicle and Traffic Law governing driving schools and driving instructors.

DS-1 Out-of-State Impaired Driver Program Enrollment and Status Form

Enrollment Form for Out-of-State Impaired Driver Program 

DS-874C Supplement to: Medical Examination of Driver Report Under Article 19-A

Supplement to: Medical Examination of Driver Report Under Article 19-A

MV-79 Driver's Manual for the Safe Securement of Metal Coils and Other Cargo

Manual to study for the written test required for the metal coil (M) endorsement requirement for certain commercial driver licenses (CDLs).
TIP — Large file, recommend save to local disk.

MV-1W Withdrawal of Consent

Used by a parent or guardian to withdraw consent for a driver license or learner permit issued to a driver under age 18.  When consent is withdrawn, the driver license or permit is cancelled.  Consent is granted on form MV-44 or MV-44S.

MV-15 Request for DMV Records

Use to request most DMV records, including driver record abstracts. See DMV Records for information on the Federal Driver's Privacy Protection Act. Use MV-198C for accident reports.

You can order a driver record abstract.

MV-44NYR Certification of Residence

Used with an application for an enhanced driver license (EDL), enhanced learner permit or enhanced non-driver photo ID card (ENDID).

DS-115 Request for NYS Driving Privileges

Used by out-of-state drivers to request restoration of their New York State driving privileges following a revocation of privileges.

This form cannot be used to request restoration of a NYS driver license or learner permit following a revocation. Revoked NYS drivers must apply for a new license using form MV-44.

DS-500 Article 19-A Request for NYS License ID Number

Completed by an Article 19-A carrier to request from NYS DMV the NYS License ID Number of a driver who holds a driver license from another state.

MV-15CI Richiesta di informazioni sull’attestato di guida

Utilizzare il presente modulo per richiedere informazioni sugli attestati di guida, come previsto dalla Driver’s Privacy Protection Act (Legge federale a tutela della privacy del conducente).

DS-600 Fingerprinting Services Information

Required to be completed by the carrier and the driver and brought by the driver to a fingerprinting session appointment. The form instructions explain how to make an appointment and complete the form.

DS-19 Article 19-A Motor Carrier Accident and Conviction Notification Program Application (Escrow Account & Driver's Privacy Protection Act Compliance)

Article 19-A Motor Carrier Accident and Conviction Notification Program Application. New carriers applying for 19-A status must file using this form. This form includes both a Memorandum of Understanding - Driver's Privacy Protection Act and a Request for Article 19-A Accident & Conviction Notification Account. This form replaces the MV-15AC and the MV-15MOU.

HAZ-11 Important Information about Hazardous Materials Endorsement

Instructions and requirements for the NYS CDL HazMat endorsement and a list of Federal and NYS violations that can disqualify a CDL driver. See also form HAZ-44.

MV-44CDL Commercial Driver License Class A Young Adult Training Program Certification of 300 Hours of Supervised Behind-the-Wheel Training

This form is associated with the CDL A Young Adult Training Program. Applicants for a CDL Class A License who are 18, 19 or 20 years old must bring this completed certificate to the DMV office and give it to a Motor Vehicle Representative at the time of license issuance or amendment.

DS-6 Physician's Reporting Form

Used by a licensed physician to notify the DMV of a driver licensed in NYS when the physician determines that the mental or physical condition of the driver can affect the safe operation of motor vehicles.  For more information, see Report a Medical Condition.

MV-232 Address Change

Use to send a change of address for your regular or enhanced driver license, non-driver photo ID card and vehicle registrations. You can also order a new document with your new address. You can change your address online immediately.

CDL Manual CDL Manual

NYS Commercial Driver's Manual

MV-75 Notification of Military Service

Use this form to notify NYS DMV that you are entering, or are in the military, and wish to have your driver status maintained. There is no fee to file this Notification.
This is a two-part form. Send Part 1 to DMV and keep Part 2 with your driver license.
Note: When you fill-in information in Part 1 of the online form, the fields in Part 2 are automatically filled in for you.

CR-2 Part 2 of DMV Commissioner's Regulations

DMV regulations governing driver education in high schools and colleges.

MV-277 Pre-licensing Course Instructor's Manual

Curriculum for the driver license pre-licensing course.

MV-277.1 Pre-licensing Course Student's Manual

Student's manual for the driver license pre-licensing course.

CR-7 Part 7 of DMV Commissioner's Regulations

DMV regulations governing pre-licensing classroom driver training and highway safety instruction.

CDL-15 Article 19-A Guide for Motor Carriers

This guide clarifies the documentation requirements for each driver's file and also points out many common mistakes.

MV-80 Physician's Statement

Completed by physician treating a condition that was reported by a driver license applicant on application form MV-44.

MV-15C Request For Driving Record Information

As part of the Driver's Privacy Protection Act, use this form to request driving record information.