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Form Title Purpose
MV-80 Physician's Statement

Completed by physician treating a condition that was reported by a driver license applicant on application form MV-44.

MV-80L Eye Test Report for Medical Review Unit

For people who cannot pass basic DMV vision screening and need to provide eye care practitioner certification of minimum vision requirements to the DMV.

MV-80S Declaración del médico

Completado por un médico que trata una afección informada por un solicitante de licencia de conducir sobre el formulario de aplicación MV-44.

MV-80U.1 Physician's Statement for Medical Review Unit

Use this form, if requested by DMV, to provide medical documentation from you and your doctor regarding a loss of consciousness or a loss of body control.

MV-80W Application for Tinted Window Exemption

Used to apply for a medical exemption from the restrictions on the amount of tint allowed in vehicle window glass.  The applicant must also submit a physician's statement on the physician's letterhead about the specific medical condition.

MV-619 Vision Test Report

Completed by authorized vision test provider to certify a driver meets basic DMV vision standard (otherwise, use form MV-80L). May be used instead of taking vision test at a DMV office so a license can be renewed online or by mail.