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Form Title Purpose
MV-82 Vehicle Registration/Title Application

Use to register vehicles, renew vehicle registration, amend or request duplicate vehicle registration. Be sure to download form MV-82.1, found below. You can renew your registration or order a replacement registration online.

MV-82.1 Instructions for Vehicle Registration/Title Application

Instructions for MV-82, Vehicle Registration/Title Application. See Identification Requirements before downloading the form.

MV-82PSD Political Subdivision (PDF) Vehicle Registration / Title Application

Vehicle Registration / Title Application for Political Subdivision Vehicles. Use to register a vehicle, change a registration, renew a registration, replace lost or damaged items, transfer plates or get a title only. 

MV-82DEAL Vehicle Registration / Title Application for Dealer Sales

Used by dealers to register vehicles, renew vehicle registration, amend or request duplicate vehicle registration. Be sure to review the checklist on Page 2 of the MV-82 or download instruction form MV-82.1 for additional information.

You can renew your registration or order a replacement registration online.

MV-260F Certificate of Farm Vehicle Use

Must be completed when a registrant applies for a Farm Vehicle registration. Give Part 1 to the DMV office; keep part 2 with the vehicle registration.

MV-274 Trailer-Type Vehicles Not Requiring Registration

List of trailer-type vehicles that are not required to be registered as trailers in NYS. Form explains how to request information about whether similar vehicles must be registered.

MV-83T Statement of Partnership or Joint Ownership

Used in conjunction with a registration/title application when more than two persons are partners/joint owners of a vehicle.

FS-48 Financial Security Exemption Application

Used to apply for an exemption from NYS auto liability insurance coverage requirements (NYS Financial Security Law) while a vehicle was at a registered NYS repair shop or junk/salvage facility. Form must be completed by the shop or facility and signed by the manager of the shop or facility and the vehicle registrant.

MV-82TON Application for Title

Application and instructions used when you wish to apply for a title only, and not a registration, for a 1973 or newer model vehicle. To apply for a registration and title, use form MV-82.

MV-372 Application for a License to Operate a Private Service Bureau or Open a Branch Office

Application for the license required of any person, form, association or corporation engaged in the business of assisting for hire in securing licenses to drive motor vehicles, registrations, or titles of motor vehicles.

MV-3W.3 Registrant Certification of Heavyweight Vehicle

Required to be filed when registering trucks that weight 44,801 pounds or more in the Agricultural, Commercial, Commercial Household Carrier and Tractor registration classes.

VS-100 Instructions for Registering a Homemade Vehicle

Instructions to register and receive a title certificate for a homemade or unique vehicle. For homemade or custom trailers, see form VS-105.

RV-2 All Terrain Vehicle Dealer Registration Instructions

Instructions about the ALL Terrain vehicle (ATV) Registration Program for ATV dealers registered with the NYS DMV. TIP — Large file, recommend save to local disk.

MV-80W Application for Tinted Window Exemption

Used to apply for a medical exemption from the restrictions on the amount of tint allowed in vehicle window glass. The applicant must also submit a copy of the New York vehicle registration.

MV-202 Passenger Vehicle Registration Fee Schedule and Use Tax Chart

Also see Registration Fees and Use Taxes for Passenger Vehicles for updates.

MV-202C Commercial Vehicle Registration Fee Schedule and Use Tax Chart

Also see Registration Fees and Use Taxes for Commercial Vehicles for updates.

MV-1E Statement to Register a Vehicle Under Article 38

Completed by a disabled US veteran who has obtained a vehicle under Title 38 Chapter 39 of the US Code and is exempt from registration fees.

IRP-16 Application Booklet for International Registration Plan

For optional apportioned registration of large commercial vehicles operated in two or more International Registration Plan jurisdictions. Optional registration program for commercial vehicles with maximum gross weight rating of 26,000 lbs. or more, or three or more axles. TIP — Large file, recommend save to local disk.

VS-105 Registration & Title for Custom (Homemade) Trailers

Instructions to register and receive a title certificate for a homemade or custom trailer. For homemade or unique vehicles, see VS-100.

MV-45PT Comprovativo de identidade e/ou residência dos pais/responsáveis

Deve ser preenchido pelos pais/responsáveis de forma a apresentarem 4 provas de identificação do menor de 21 anos que está a solicitar uma autorização/carta e/ou um registo/título.  O formulário MV-45 também pode ser utilizado para apresentar um comprovativo de residência do menor que está a solicitar um documento atualizado.  Este formulário TEM de ser assinado na presença de um representante do DMV.

NÃO assine este formulário antes de o apresentar num escritório do DMV.  O candidato também deve apresentar uma certidão de nascimento ou outro documento que comprove a data de nascimento. Consulte os requisitos de identificação.

MV-349 Transfer of Vehicle Registered in Name of Deceased Person

Use to transfer the vehicle of a deceased person when there is no will, estate, surviving spouse or surviving minor child, and the vehicle is worth $25,000 or less.  For information see Deceased Vehicle Owner.

PD-3 Request for Dealer All-Terrain Vehicle Registration Forms

Used by an all-terrain vehicle (ATV) dealer to order forms related to ATV registrations from the DMV.

MV-907M Disposition for Junk and Salvage Vehicles (Multiple Entry Form)

To be used only by a registered vehicle dismantler or scrap processor to record the destruction of multiple vehicles.

MV-82ITP In-Transit Permit/Title Application

Use to apply for an in-transit permit to transport a vehicle to the location within or outside NYS where it will be registered. See more information on the  In-transit vehicle permit.

DTF-804 Statement of Transaction – Claim for Credit of Sales Tax Paid to Another State For Motor Vehicle, Trailer, All Terrain Vehicle (ATV), Vessel (Boat), or Snowmobile (at NY State Department of Tax & Finance)

Used when a New York resident purchases a vehicle out-of-state, registers the vehicle in New York State and applies for credit for the sales tax paid in the other state.