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Form Title Purpose
MV-82ITP In-Transit Permit/Title Application

Use to apply for an in-transit permit to transport a vehicle to the location within or outside NYS where it will be registered. See more information on the  In-transit vehicle permit.

CR-82 Motor Vehicle Repair Shop Regulations

Regulations and instructions for motor vehicle repair shops required to be registered with the DMV.

VS1-PROV Provisional Dealer Registration and Inspection Station License Application

Form may only be used by “New Vehicle Dealers” and must be attached to a completed VS-1 (Original Facility Application) with all required documentation. If approved, will allow the operation of a “New Vehicle Dealership and Inspection Station” pending investigation and final approval process.

MV-197 Exempt Vehicle Certificate

For buses and ambulances that are not operated for-hire so vehicles are exempt from for-hire insurance, and registration fees in the case of some not-for-hire ambulances.

MV-82.1P Inspection Requirements for Carriers Transporting Passengers

Additional instructions for applicants who register vehicles that transport passengers. Also see forms MV-82 and MV-82.1.

IRP-6A International Registration Plan Schedule A & C - Part 5

Schedule A & C - Part 5 for International Registration Plan. This form provides additional entries for vehicles registered under the Plan.

MV-232 Address Change

Use to send a change of address for your regular or enhanced driver license, non-driver photo ID card and vehicle registrations. You can also order a new document with your new address. You can change your address online immediately.

IRP-95 IRP Registration Authorization Information

Authorization by owner for registration of a vehicle in another person’s name. Owner’s proof of ID and date of birth required when submitting.

DTF-803 Claim for Sales and Use Tax Exemption – Title/Registration Motor Vehicle, Trailer, All-Terrain Vehicle (ATV), Vessel (Boat), or Snowmobile (at NY State Department of Tax & Finance)

Use when you are claiming exemption from sales tax for any reason other than a gift (then use DTF-802) or credit for taxes paid to other states (then use DTF-804).

VS-18 Statement that a Historical Registered Vehicle Will Be Used During Daylight Hours Only

Used by inspection stations when inspecting historical vehicles that will not be driven at night.

MV-82PFR Permanent Fleet Registration Application

Application for owners of fleets of 200 or more vehicles that qualify for the Permanent Fleet Registration Program. Read form MV-20 (Permanent Fleet Registration Program Guide) for more information about the program.

ID-82 ID-82 Proofs of Identity for Registration and Title

Lists proofs of ID and date of birth accepted for vehicle registration and title applications.  For easier viewing on a mobile device, see Proofs of identity and date of birth for NYS vehicle registrations or title certificates.

See also forms MV-82 and MV-82.1

MV-454 Affirmation for Renewal of Registration for Absentee Owner

This form is to be filed with a registration renewal when the registrant is in the military, cannot be reached to sign the renewal application, and the vehicle is being used by a member of the registrant's family with his or her permission.

MV-1H Statement to Register a Vehicle with Former POW or Congressional Medal of Honor Plates

Use to register a vehicle with Former POW or Congressional Medal of Honor Plates.

CR-78 NYS Dealers and Transporters Regulations

Regulations for automobile dealers and transporters required to be registered with DMV. TIP — Large file, recommend save to local disk.

MV-1G Statement to Renew Registration Under Article 38

Completed by a disabled US veteran renewing the registration on a vehicle obtained under Title 38 Chapter 39 of the US Code.

MV-464L Order Form for Registration Plates/In-Transit Permits

Order form for auto and ATV dealers participating in plate issuance program (see MV-463).

FS-113 Certificate of Removal From United States and Canada

Two copies included. Filed in duplicate with registration receipt when a vehicle registered in NYS is being removed from the US and Canada and will be exempt from NYS insurance requirements.

MV-456 Certification of Disposition of Vehicle on Behalf of Absentee Owner

Completed by a person who has been given permission to sell a vehicle owned by a member of the armed services. Owner's title or transferable registration is also required to transfer.

MV-20 Permanent Fleet Registration Program Guide

Information for owners of fleets of 200 or more vehicles that qualify for the Permanent Fleet Registration Program. Read the Overview on Page 1 for more information. Use form MV-82PFR (Permanent Fleet Registration Application) to apply.

MV-215 Request for Refund

Use to apply for non-automated refunds of DMV registration and license fees authorized by law. DO NOT use for automated refund requests when surrendering plates at a DMV Office.

MV-51 Affidavit of Sale or Transfer

Use to certify ownership and to transfer a non-titled vehicle which was never registered by the current owner. May not be used by auto dealers and must be accompanied by other proofs of ownership.

MV-463 Application for Dealer Plate Issuance Program

For qualified auto and ATV dealers who wish to issue registration plates to customers.

FS-25 Request and Reply for New York Insurance Information

Use this form to have DMV determine insurance information for New York registrants on the date they were involved in a specific motor vehicle accident.

CR-77 NYS Private Service Bureau Regulations

Regulations for Private Service Bureaus that assist customers who apply for driver licenses, vehicle registrations or title certificates and bring forms and applications to DMV offices for customers.