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Form Title Purpose
PD-1 Request for Dealer Boat Registration Numbers and Forms

Used by a boat dealer to order boat registration numbers, and forms related to boat registrations, from the DMV.

PD-2 Request for Dealer Snowmobile Registration Numbers and Forms

Used by a snowmobile dealer to order snowmobile registration numbers, and forms related to snowmobile registrations, from the DMV.

MV-OD What You Should Know About Becoming an Organ, Eye and Tissue Donor

Information about the NYS Organ, Eye and Tissue Donor Registry.

MV-1940 Certification for Local Transit Service

The application required along with DOT authorization (form RA-1C) when requesting franchise bus registration.

NDR-1 Individual's Request For National Driver Register File Search

To request a file search of any driver suspensions, revocations, denials or withdrawals entered by any state on the National Driver Register.

IRP-8 Apportioned Registration Manual

Complete informational and instruction manual for International Registration Plan (apportioned registration) participants in NYS.
This is a large file - recommend save to local disk.

MV-51B Statement of Ownership for Non-Titled Vehicles, Boats, Snowmobiles and All-Terrain Vehicles

Use to certify ownership of a non-titled vehicle, vessel, snowmobile or all-terrain vehicle and to certify why proof of ownership is not available. Must be accompanied by other documents listed on the form.

MV-82.1SN Registering a Snowmobile in New York State

Instructions to register a snowmobile in NYS or to replace, change or renew a snowmobile registration. Use with MV-82SN application form. See Identification Requirements before downloading the form.

VS-1AB Automobile Broker Business Application

NOTE:  Please see important information regarding recent legislation pertaining to automobile brokers

This form is used to apply for an Automobile Broker Business Certificate and to certify information about your business, property, ownership or lease.  The instructions are integrated into this form.  You can also download the regulations that explain requirements for automobile broker businesses.  

MV-529 Vehicle Equipment for Passenger Vehicles

List of required equipment for passenger vehicles.

AV-1 Autonomous Vehicle Technology Demonstration/Testing Application

Use this form to apply test or demonstrate motor vehicles equipped with autonomous vehicle technology on public highways in New York State. 

AV-2 Autonomous Vehicle Technology Demonstration/Testing Addendum

Use this addendum when applying to test or demonstrate a motor vehicle equipped with autonomous vehicle technology on public highways in New York State.  

RV-253 Application for Snowmobile Dealer Registration

Used to apply for a New York State Snowmobile Dealer Registration. Instructions are included in the form.

RV-1 Boat Dealer Registration Instructions

Instructions about the Boat Registration Program for boat dealers registered with the NYS DMV. TIP — Large file, recommend save to local disk.

Boats Registration Requirements for Boats

Registration Requirements for Boats

VS-47 DMV Registered Repair Shop

Indoor sign required to be displayed at a DMV Registered Repair Shop.

DTF-802 Statement of Transaction – Sale or Gift of Motor Vehicle, Trailer, All-Terrain Vehicle (ATV), Vessel (Boat), or Snowmobile (at NY State Department of Tax & Finance)

Use this form to certify sale price for sales tax calculation when vehicle, vessel, etc. is transferred in a casual sale or as a gift.

IRP-23 Instructions for Obtaining a Receipt for a Certificate of Title (Form FS-6T)

This form contains instructions for obtaining a receipt for a certificate of title (FS-6T). You must get this receipt before you may file an application for apportioned registration in the International Registration Program.

ID-82PT Comprovativos de identidade para registo e título

Mostra comprovativos de identidade e data de nascimento aceites para registo de veículos e candidaturas de títulos.  Para facilitar a visualização num dispositivo móvel, consulte os Comprovativos de identidade e data de nascimento para registos de veículos ou certificados de título em Nova Iorque (NYS). Consulte também os formulários MV-82 e MV‑82.1.

ID-82S Comprobante de identidad para registro y título

Enumera los comprobantes de identidad y fecha de nacimiento aceptados para las solicitudes de registro y título de vehículos.  Para una visualización más fácil en un dispositivo móvil, vea Comprobantes de identidad y fecha de nacimiento para registros y certificados de título de vehículos en el Estado de NY. Consulte también los formularios MV-82 y MV-82.1.

MV-82ITPPT Solicitação de licença de trânsito/título de propriedade

Utilize para solicitar uma licença de trânsito para transportar um veículo para o local dentro ou fora do Estado de Nova Iorque onde será registado. Consulte mais informações sobre a licença para veículos em trânsito.

MV-82.1SNS Registro de motos de nieve en el Estado de Nueva York

Instrucciones para registrar una motonieve en el Estado de NY o para reemplazar, cambiar o renovar el registro de una motonieve. Úselo con el formulario de solicitud MV-82SN. Consulte los requisitos de identificación antes de descargar el formulario.

MV-45 Statement of Identity by Parent/Guardian

Completed by parent of child under age 21 to provide 4 points of proof of ID for child applying for permit/license, registration/title.  The form MV-45 can also be used to provide 1 proof of residence for a child who applies for an enhanced document.  This form MUST be signed in the presence of a DMV representative.

DO NOT sign this form before bringing it to a DMV Office.  Applicant must also provide birth certificate or other acceptable proof of date of birth. See Identification Requirements.

MV-44PT Requerimento para licença, carta de condução ou cartão de identificação para não condutores

Utilize para requerer uma licença de aprendizagem, carta de condução ou cartão de identificação para não condutores. Utilize também para renovar a sua carta de condução ou cartão de identificação para não condutores.

MV-82ITPS Solicitud de título/permiso en tránsito

Úselo para solicitar un permiso en tránsito para transportar un vehículo al lugar en el que será registrado, dentro o fuera del estado de NY. Puede ver más información en el permiso para vehículos en tránsito.