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MV-529 Vehicle Equipment for Passenger Vehicles

List of required equipment for passenger vehicles.

IRP-23 Instructions for Obtaining a Receipt for a Certificate of Title (Form FS-6T)

This form contains instructions for obtaining a receipt for a certificate of title (FS-6T). You must get this receipt before you may file an application for apportioned registration in the International Registration Program.

MV-82.1SNS Registro de motos de nieve en el Estado de Nueva York

Instrucciones para registrar una motonieve en el Estado de NY o para reemplazar, cambiar o renovar el registro de una motonieve. Úselo con el formulario de solicitud MV-82SN. Consulte los requisitos de identificación antes de descargar el formulario.

MV-82ITPS Solicitud de título/permiso en tránsito

Úselo para solicitar un permiso en tránsito para transportar un vehículo al lugar en el que será registrado, dentro o fuera del estado de NY. Puede ver más información en el permiso para vehículos en tránsito.

MV-45 Statement of Identity by Parent/Guardian

Completed by parent of child under age 21 to provide 4 points of proof of ID for child applying for permit/license, registration/title.  The form MV-45 can also be used to provide 1 proof of residence for a child who applies for an enhanced document.  This form MUST be signed in the presence of a DMV representative.

DO NOT sign this form before bringing it to a DMV Office.  Applicant must also provide birth certificate or other acceptable proof of date of birth. See Identification Requirements.

ID-82S Comprobante de identidad para registro y título

Enumera los comprobantes de identidad y fecha de nacimiento aceptados para las solicitudes de registro y título de vehículos.  Para una visualización más fácil en un dispositivo móvil, vea Comprobantes de identidad y fecha de nacimiento para registros y certificados de título de vehículos en el Estado de NY. Consulte también los formularios MV-82 y MV-82.1.


Compilato dal genitore del minore di 21 anni per fornire 4 (quattro) prove d'identità per il minore che fa domanda di permesso/patente, registrazione/titolo. Il modulo MV-45 può anche essere utilizzato per fornire 1 (una) prova di residenza per un minore che richiede un enhanced document. Il presente modulo DEVE essere firmato in presenza di un responsabile della motorizzazione civile.

NON firmare questo modulo prima di consegnarlo a un ufficio della motorizzazione. Il richiedente deve anche fornire un certificato di nascita o altra prova valida della data di nascita. Consulta i requisiti di identificazione.

MV-45S Declaración de identidad y/o residencia por parte del padre/madre/tutor

Completado por el padre delo menor de 21 años de edad para proporcionar 4 puntos de prueba de identificación del menor que solicita un permiso/licencia, registro/título.  El formulario MV-45 también se puede usar para proporcionar 1 prueba de residencia para un menor que solicita un documento mejorado.  Este formulario DEBE firmarse en presencia de un representante del DMV.

NO firme este formulario antes de traerlo a la Oficina de DMV.  El solicitante también debe proporcionar un certificado de nacimiento u otra prueba aceptable de la fecha de nacimiento. Consulte los requisitos de identificación.

PSP-1 Application for Registration Processing by Private Partners

Provides information and instructions for how to apply for the Private Sector Partnering Program.

MV-464L Order Form for Registration Plates/In-Transit Permits

Order form for auto and ATV dealers participating in plate issuance program (see MV-463).

PSP-1D NYS Dealer Application for Registration Processing by Private Partners

NYS Dealer Application for Registration Processing by Private Partners

FI-17 Report of Unauthorized Use of License/Registration (Instructions Included)

Used to report unauthorized use of License/Registration (Instructions Included)

DTF-802 Statement of Transaction – Sale or Gift of Motor Vehicle, Trailer, All-Terrain Vehicle (ATV), Vessel (Boat), or Snowmobile (at NY State Department of Tax & Finance)

Use this form to certify sale price for sales tax calculation when vehicle, vessel, etc. is transferred in a casual sale or as a gift.

IRP-1POA Power of Attorney Authorization for International Registration Plan Business

For the Principal account holder to appoint and agent to act as authorized IRP Representative.

MV-909 What Lenders Should Know About the NYS Vehicle, Boat & Manufactured Home Title Program

Guide for lenders filing liens on titles issued by DMV. TIP — Large file, recommend save to local disk.

VS-110 Notice of Missing or Mutilated Vehicle Identification Number

Used by a licensed motor vehicle inspection station to report to DMV a missing or mutilated vehicle identification number (VIN) on an inspected vehicle.

MV-15PREED Application for Access to DMV's Portal to Registration Electronic Enforcement & Display (PREED)

Use this application to request access to DMV's Portal to Registration Electronic Enforcement & Display (PREED).

IRP-34 IRP Renewal Packet

Packet of forms and instructions to renew IRP (apportioned) registrations in NYS.

CFV-1 Designation as a New York State Covered Farm Vehicle

Form should be completed and kept in the farm vehicle to prove Designation as a New York State Covered Farm Vehicle

DS-700 Article 19-A of the Vehicle and Traffic Law and Part 6 of the Regulations of the Commissioner of Motor Vehicles

Article 19-A of the Vehicle and Traffic Law and Part 6 of the Regulations of the Commissioner of Motor Vehicles.
Note: Large file - save to hard drive

MV-104C Bicycle Accident Report

Required to be filed by a bicyclist when a bike accident involving death or serious physical injury occurs on a public highway, but DOES NOT involve a motor vehicle. Use form MV-104 to report accidents involving motor vehicles.

MV-463 Application for Dealer Plate Issuance Program

For qualified auto and ATV dealers who wish to issue registration plates to customers.

MV-529A Equipment Required for Commercial Vehicles

List of required equipment for commercial vehicles.

MV-908 Salvage Vehicle Waiver

This form is to be used by insurance companies to attest that a theft recovery vehicle meets the definition pursuant to Sec. 430 of the NY Vehicle & Traffic Law for a salvage vehicle waiver. The MV-908 is a standardized form that replaces insurance company affidavits previously prepared and submitted on company letterhead for this purpose.

MV-37 Statement of Abandoned Vehicle

Use to transfer a vehicle at least ten model years old and worth less then $1250 from a property owner to a vehicle dismantler or itinerant vehicle collector when the vehicle has been abandoned for at least one month.