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Form Title Purpose
MV-519 Information Concerning Oversized/Overweight Vehicles

Provides information on maximum vehicle weights and dimensions in NYS and how to obtain oversize/overweight permits.

MV-527 List of Driving School Vehicles

Required to be filed by driving school applicants, listing all vehicles used by for instruction or road tests.

MV-104 Report of Motor Vehicle Accident

Required to be filed with DMV by all drivers involved in reportable motor vehicle accidents. See Motorist Accident Reports.

VS-117 Application for a Motor Vehicle Body Damage Estimator License

Application for license required for those who write auto body damage estimates on behalf of auto repair shops under Section 398-d. of the Vehicle and Traffic Law.

IRP-34 IRP Renewal Packet

Packet of forms and instructions to renew IRP (apportioned) registrations in NYS.

CR-81 Information and Regulations for Junk & Salvage Businesses

Regulations and instructions for vehicle dismantlers, scrap processors and other businesses dealing in junk & salvage vehicles. TIP — Large file, recommend save to local disk.

MV-35 Statement of Vehicle Owner Not Possessing a Valid Title

Use to transfer a vehicle at least eight model years old and worth less then $1250 to a vehicle dismantler, itinerant vehicle collector or certified scrap processor when the owner does not have the title.

MV-349.1 Affidavit for Transfer of Motor Vehicle

Use to transfer a vehicle owned by a deceased person to a surviving spouse or to a child or children under age 21, if the vehicle is worth $25,000 or less.  For information see Deceased Vehicle Owner.

MV-82ITPAL Aplikim për leje/pronësi automjeti tranzit

Përdoret për të aplikuar për një leje tranzit për të transportuar një automjet në një vendndodhje brenda ose jashtë NYS ku më pas do të regjistrohet. Shihni më shumë informacion lidhur lejen e automjetit tranzit.

VS-35 Division of Vehicle Safety Complaint Report

Use this form to send a complaint to NY DMV about a vehicle repair, inspection or purchase. There is no fee to file this Complaint Report. See the brochure What to Expect if you File a Complaint Against a DMV Regulated Automotive Business (VS-156).

CDL-10 Section 3 CDL-10 Section 3 - Transporting Cargo Safely

CDL-10 Section 3 - Transporting Cargo Safely - For a list of all sections of the CDL Manual, see the New York State Commercial Driver's Manual page.

CR-79 NYS DMV Motor Vehicle Inspection Regulations

Regulations and instructions for licensed motor vehicle inspection stations and certified inspectors. Also see Small Business Regulation Guide form (79-SBG).
TIP — Large file, recommend save to local disk.

MV-262AL Vërtetim për drejtimin e mbikëqyrur të automjetit

Çdo aplikant për leje drejtimi automjeti që është 16 ose 17 vjeç në momentin e dhënies së provimit të praktikës dhe që disponon lejen e praktikantit të ri, duhet t'ia paraqesë këtë vërtetim kontrollorit të lejeve të drejtimit të DMV-së në momentin e dhënies së provimit të praktikës. Vërtetimi duhet të nënshkruhet nga prindi ose kujdestari.

CDL-15 Article 19-A Guide for Motor Carriers

This guide clarifies the documentation requirements for each driver's file and also points out many common mistakes.

MV-15D Motor Vehicle Record Search Account Application

Request for DMV records search account for government, commercial, and not-for-profit organizations, volunteer fire companies, and volunteer ambulance services..

MV-272 Vehicle Identification Number for Homemade Trailer

Use to request a VIN for a homemade trailer weighing 999 lbs. or less.

DS-3.3 Article 19-A Motor Carrier Annual Statistical Report

Article 19-A Motor Carrier Annual Statistical Report

DS-872 Carrier's Annual Review of Employee's Driving Record

Carrier's Annual Review of Employee's Driving Record

VS-1M Vehicle Safety Original Facility Application – Manufacturer Plates

Vehicle Safety Original Facility Application – Manufacturer Plates

MV-500HPT Informações importantes sobre as autorizações de aprendizagem

Restrições para qualquer pessoa que tenha a Classe DJ ou a Autorização de aprendizagem MJ.

VS-1074SD Vehicle Inspection Record - Safety and Diesel Emissions

Used by a DMV-licensed motor vehicle inspection station to record safety and diesel emissions inspections.

VS-120 Application for Certification as a Motor Vehicle Inspector

Use to apply for certification as an inspector to conduct vehicle safety and emissions inspections.

VS-47A Appraisal Repair Shop

The indoor sign required by DMV Regulations Part 82 to be posted by an appraisal repair shop registered by the DMV.

MV-104F Accident Report for School Vehicles Transporting Pupils/Teacher/Supervisors

Report completed for a school vehicle transporting students, teachers and/or supervisors involved in a motor vehicle accident.

MV-327 Notice of Repossession of Motor Vehicle or Motorcycle

Use to notify DMV, as required by law, when a vehicle is repossessed. Three copies of the form are included. Present all three copies to a DMV office and the copies marked for the Repossessor and the Owner will be returned to you. See also form MV-950.
NOTE: If you use your computer to complete the form, enter the information in the first page of the form and the information will automatically appear in the other two copies of the form. Remember to sign each copy of the form.