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Form Title Purpose
MV-253G Request for Business Amendment / Duplicate Certificate

Application to change or replace a business certificate for a dealer, inspection station, repair shop or other business regulated by DMV's Division of Vehicle Safety Services. When the facility reports a change of location, form VS-19 is also required. NOTE: See the important information about the recent change to DMV regulations for inspection station license applicants.

MV-44CDL Commercial Driver License Class A Young Adult Training Program Certification of 300 Hours of Supervised Behind-the-Wheel Training

This form is associated with the CDL A Young Adult Training Program. Applicants for a CDL Class A License who are 18, 19 or 20 years old must bring this completed certificate to the DMV office and give it to a Motor Vehicle Representative at the time of license issuance or amendment.

MV-58A Certificate of Employment

Use to certify employment of junior driver. Completed by the employer of a junior driver. The junior driver carries the form when permitted to drive to and from work without a parent, guardian, driver education teacher or driving school instructor. See the Graduated License Law (Junior Drivers) for more information.

MV-900.1 Notice of Lien - Charge Account Customer

Filed by a lienholder who has a charge account with the DMV to record a lien on a vehicle title. If you do not have a charge account, use form MV-900. A $5.00 is charged to the escrow account of the lienholder. Both lienholder and owner must sign form. If a title has already been issued, original title must be submitted with this form.

MV-198C Request for Copy of Crash/Accident Report

To request a copy of a motor vehicle accident report filed with the DMV by the police or a motorist. Provide as much information as possible about the accident. To request reports for more than one accident, you must complete a separate form for each accident. The DMV web site also has an online transaction to order and access accident reports.

AA-33A Appeal From DMV Hearing Determination

Use to file an appeal from a finding and/or penalty imposed after a DMV hearing regarding such matters as a fatal accident, chemical test refusal, or motor-vehicle related business regulated by DMV. Also used to appeal denial by DMV of driver license or business permit application. Cannot be used to appeal suspensions or revocations resulting from traffic violation convictions in a court or a DMV Traffic Violations Bureau.

MV-75 Notification of Military Service

Use this form to notify NYS DMV that you are entering, or are in the military, and wish to have your driver status maintained. There is no fee to file this Notification.
This is a two-part form. Send Part 1 to DMV and keep Part 2 with your driver license.
Note: When you fill-in information in Part 1 of the online form, the fields in Part 2 are automatically filled in for you.

DPR-103 Impaired Driver Program Application

Application by a sponsor agency to establish a Impaired Driver Program under Article 31 of the NYS Vehicle and Traffic Law.

A resume for the IDP Director must be included with the form DPR-103.  The resume must include the name, address, telephone number, DMV Client ID Number from the driver license if applicable, the educational background and the employment background of the Director.

The applicant must also submit form DPR-104 and a form DPR-102 for each instructor.