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Benefits of Mobile ID (MiD)

New York Mobile ID (MiD) offers a convenient, contactless, and highly secure method for verifying identity and age for businesses while protecting the MiD holder's personal information and privacy.

It gives businesses and organizations the confidence of knowing the ID presented can be authenticated in real-time by the issuing authority, the New York State Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV).

The DMV can push updates to the MiD whenever information changes such as an address change, or an ID suspension or revocation, so verifiers can be confident the identity they are accepting is authentic and up to date.

Scanning a QR code means never having to touch a user’s device.

MiD is secure

MiD is a state-approved method of verifying a user's identity and age that offers more layers of security than a physical ID. All security features are also encrypted data with no need to decipher physical security features.

Protect your business or organization by minimizing the risks of accepting a fake or expired ID with real-time verification through the free MiD Verify App, available in the App Store and Google Play.


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How you verify identity today

If you currently verify an ID by scanning the 2D barcode or visually inspecting the physical card, please note these methods will not work with MiD. MiD uses a secure QR code to establish a connection with an MiD holder’s device to allow them to share requested identity data with you.

You should only request the needed data for your business purpose. For example, the MiD holder's portrait image and if they are "over 21" when utilizing MiD for age verification for the purchase of an alcoholic beverage, Requesting only necessary identity data will allow you to quickly see only the pertinent data you need, limit liability by not having access to data you do not need, and provide greater trust to the MiD holder in their interaction with you.

Systems or tools that are available to you

Equipment used to verify may include:

  • Smartphones
  • Tablets
  • Point of sale systems
  • Handheld scanners
  • Online store

Choose the Verification Option That Works for You

Option 1 - Verify App

A verify app allows you to use a device such as a smartphone or tablet to scan the MiD user’s QR code to verify their age or identity and be assured that they are presenting a state-approved MiD. One example of a verify app is the "MiD Verify" App.

Option 2 - Software Development Kit

An MiD software development kit can be integrated into an existing point-of-sale system or another verification system.

If you are used to verifying an ID by scanning the 2D barcode or visually inspecting the physical card, these methods will not work with MID.

Option 3 - Online Verification

Your online systems can be configured to accept MiD when a user logs into secure websites. Your system would generate a QR code requesting information from an MiD user. Once scanned and accepted, the user’s information will be transferred to your website.

The State of New York does not provide a verification app, software development kit, or an online integration system.

TIP: Most verification tools can be customized to request only the information you need from your customer for the transaction.

Prepare Your Equipment, Staff, and Business for Rollout

  • Roll out equipment and/or software.
  • Train your staff on how to verify an MiD.
  • Encourage friends and family to download MiD from the App Store or Google Play and use it at your business.
  • Promote that you accept MiD to your customers.
    • New York provides window clings and point-of-sale stickers to help remind your customers to use their MiD at your business.
    • New York DMV will list your business name and locations on our website as an early adopter of MiD.


Let customers know you accept MiD

If you already or will soon accept MiD at your business or organization, you can join the New York ID-verifiers program by providing some information about yourself and your business on the form linked below.  You will then be listed on the New York DMV website as a business that accepts MiD. You will also have access to our online store where you can order free New York MiD promotional materials to let customers know that you accept MiD.

Join the New York MiD-Verifiers Program