NY Vehicle Inspection Program (NYVIP3) - information for stations and inspectors

NYVIP3 is a program including a test of emissions control systems of a vehicle, designed to reduce air pollution and keep New York State in compliance with the Federal Clean Air Act. This program allows licensed inspection stations to verify emissions control systems are functioning correctly using the on-board diagnostic system (OBDII). NYVIP3 equipment must be purchased through Opus Inspection, Inc. (formerly called 'SysTech'). For more information, visit the NYVIP3 website, or call 1-866-623-8378.


There are many. NVVIP3

  • provides the station with accurate records and more control over who conducts the inspections
  • helps to reduce exhaust emissions and air pollution
  • helps to provide a standard emissions inspection with standard results
  • keeps electronic records of inspection activity for the station
  • provides printed reports about inspection activity at the station
  • provides customers with receipts and reports that explain the reasons that their vehicles failed the inspections

Fees for motorists

Refer to the Inspection Groups and Fee Chart (pdf) (VS-77).


Ten (10)-Day inspection extension

The NYVIP3 inspection station can issue a Ten-Day extension from the Computerized Vehicle Inspection System (CVIS) to the customer only if

  • the previous inspection is expired
  • the vehicle now passes all parts of the inspection, except the emissions portion where the required OBD II readiness monitors are not ready

The inspection station cannot issue an extension in any other circumstances. Please call the Office of Clean Air (518) 473-0597 with any questions regarding the issuance of a Ten-Day time extension for monitor readiness. 

Information on OBDII readiness monitor status

Read the brochure about the status of the OBD II readiness monitor. The NYVIP website has other information for inspection stations about the failure of the OBDII readiness monitors.

Using NYVIP3 equipment to diagnose a vehicle for other work at the station

A station can use the NYVIP3 equipment only for inspections and communications related to inspections. A station cannot install software on the NYVIP2 computer and cannot use the equipment for work that is not related to inspections.

Opus Inspection, Inc. will have the option to make available new equipment or software with other functions. The DMV and the Department of Environmental Conservation must approve the new equipment or software. If new equipment or software becomes available and is approved, the DMV will notify the inspection stations.

Using NYVIP3 equipment on vehicles registered in NY

Any NYVIP3 station can inspect a non-exempt vehicle subject to a low-enhanced or ODBII emissions inspection, regardless of the county in which the vehicle is registered.

This includes all model year 1997 or newer non-exempt diesel-powered motor vehicles under 8,501 pounds GVWR (gross vehicle weight rating).

Diesel emissions inspection

For diesel vehicle inspection requirements, see the Diesel Inspections Emission Testing page.

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