Return inspection certificates (stickers)

DO NOT send NYVIP3 print-on-demand sticker stock to DMV!

You must send all returns of unused 2024-expiration, red print-on-demand sticker stock to Opus inspection. If you received the wrong print-on-demand inspection sticker stock or need to return unused sticker stock:

Use the Print-on-Demand Sticker Stock Return Form


Pre-Printed Inspection Certificates

How do I return pre-printed inspection certificates?

You can receive a refund for unused certificates of inspection (‘stickers’) or the forms after closing an Inspection Station.

You must return your supply of stickers or forms to the DMV to receive a Refund Voucher for the value of the items that you returned. To receive the refund, you must sign and return the voucher to the DMV. You will receive a refund check from the Department of Audit and Control in eight to 12 weeks.

Is there a time limit for returning unused pre-printed inspection certificates (stickers)?

Yes. By March 1st of each calendar year, every inspection station owner must return to the DMV all unused inspection certificates from the previous year. Refunds or credits will be allowed for unused or defective certificates upon receipt of an application in a form prescribed by the commissioner and surrender of the certificates.

A certificate returned as defective must have a legible serial number.

Certificates that are voided or damaged by an act of the inspection station or inspector are not eligible for credit, except for ones that are intentionally voided to prevent issuance. These may be eligible for credit at the department's discretion.

How do I get credit for the pre-printed inspection certificates (stickers) or the forms that I do not use?

You can receive credit for unused stickers or forms if your facility remains in operation. To receive a credit, you must complete and submit the Inspection Certificate Return Form (VS-48). Send the form and the items to

Bureau of Consumer & Business Services
Accounting Unit
P.O. Box 2700
Albany, NY  12220-0700

After DMV processes your credit, we will send you a letter that indicates the amount of your credit. You can use this credit toward your next order of stickers or forms. You cannot use this credit for other DMV transactions.

How do I determine the amount of my credit?

After your credit is processed, you will receive a letter that indicates the amount of your credit. If you do not receive the letter, call the DMV Vehicle Safety automated response system at 518-474-2398, and follow the instructions. The service is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. You must provide your facility number to use this service.

What if I received the wrong pre-printed inspection certificates or I need to return pre-printed certificates (stickers)?

Write a letter to the DMV that explains why you returned the inspection certificates. Include the certificates, facility name, and facility number. You can exchange the certificates for the correct stickers or you can receive a credit. Make sure that you include these instructions in the letter. Put the certificates in a strong envelope. Postal machines can damage standard envelopes that contain a thick document and can lose the stickers. Remove these certificates from the NYVIP2 inventory.

Return unused stock

Return unused 2024-expiration, print-on-demand stickers to Opus inspection. Do Not return them to DMV.

Print-on-Demand Sticker Stock Return Form