Changes to my insurance policy

Do I need to report a change to my insurance to the DMV?

No. You don’t need to report a change, but your insurance company does. 

Your insurance company must notify the DMV electronically any time there is a change to your insurance coverage. This includes the following cases

  • you get motor vehicle insurance liability coverage
  • your insurance coverage ends 
  • your insurance coverage is reinstated
  • you transfer your plates to another vehicle
  • you change your insurance company

If your company does not properly notify the DMV, the DMV will suspend your vehicle registration and may suspend your driver license.


Do I need to tell DMV that I changed my insurance company?

No. You do not need report the change to the DMV unless you get a letter from the DMV that requests information about your new insurance coverage. Your new insurance company must report your new liability coverage to the DMV electronically.


How do I add or remove a driver from my automobile insurance coverage?

Contact your insurance agent or company to add or remove drivers from automobile insurance policy. You do not need to report this information to the DMV.


You can find other information about automobile insurance at the NY State Department of Financial Services website: