NYS DMV Insurance Information & Enforcement System (IIES)

Important Information October 29, 2019


Effective October 29, 2019, there will be a new notification regarding Entity Type 2 (Organizational Name) processing: U710 Entity Type 2 Unmatched record – sent to recycle

New Error Code Description:

U710 Entity Type 2 Unmatched record – sent to recycle
This error is an Informational code advising that a filing was received for an organizational or corporate name (entity type 2) and sent to the recycle file. When an entity type 2 filing is sent to recycle a U700 and U710 is recorded in EDITS, but only the U700 is reported back to the Sender. The U710 indicates an internal DMV process where resolution processing is bypassed. Resolution processing is bypassed due to several vehicles being registered in the same name.

Former Process:

When a New Business (NBS) transaction was received for an Entity Type 2 and sent to the recycle file, a U700 and a U600 error were recorded in EDITS. The U600 error was not reported back to the insurance company (but was visible in EDITS), only the U700 was returned when the filing was sent to recycle.
Note: This U600 error recorded in EDITS did not represent the same information as a U600 returned after the recycle file was complete.

New Process:

For NBS filings for an Entity Type 2 received for a VIN not currently registered and part of a large fleet, the filing is sent to recycle instead of entering the resolution process and resolving to a potentially incorrect record. The filing will remain in recycle for up to 52 days until a vehicle matching the VIN and entity name is registered. When the filing is sent to recycle a U700 will be returned to the sender and a U710 will now be recorded in EDITS instead of a U600 to clarify the processing status.