Unsatisfied Judgments

How to remove a suspension for an unsatisfied judgment 

To remove a suspension related to an unsatisfied judgment related to a motor vehicle accident, collision or crash, you must resolve the judgment.

If you were notified that there is an unsatisfied judgment suspension on your record you must contact the attorney or court that issued the judgment. The information on the suspension order will advise you of the name of the court and the court index number for the judgment. The DMV cannot clear the suspension without proof from the court. Once you receive the original documentation from the court or attorney, you must send the original documents to DMV for clearance.

If you do not know which court to contact, you can call the NY State DMV Insurance Services Bureau. See Contact us.


How get an unsatisfied judgment against another motorist

To get an unsatisfied judgment against a motorist as a result of a motor vehicle accident, collision or crash, you must file a Supporting Affirmation (PDF) (SR-60) and the other documents listed on the affirmation (SR-60).


Driver license and registration suspensions due to unsatisfied judgments

The DMV will suspend the license and registrations if the person fails to pay or satisfy a judgment of more than $1,000 and the judgment is related to a motor vehicle accident, collision or crash which causes property damage, bodily injury or death. 

The DMV will also suspend

  • all vehicle registrations of a company 
  • the privilege to register another vehicle

For your convenience, many DMV PDF forms can be filled in online and then printed.