Insurance lapses on impounded vehicles

My vehicle was impounded. I received a letter or order from the DMV about a lapse of auto liability insurance on the vehicle. What can I do?

Mail the letter from the DMV and proof that the vehicle was impounded to the DMV (our address is below). The proof of impoundment is a receipt from the agency that impounded the vehicle. The proof of impoundment must include all of the following

  • the date the vehicle was impounded and the number of days of impoundment
  • the name and address of the registrant
  • a statement that the vehicle was not returned to you
  • a description of the vehicle that includes the year, make and Vehicle Identification Number (VIN)

If the agency that impounded the vehicle sold it, mail both

  • the proof of impoundment
  • a copy of the bill of sale

The bill of sale must include the date of the sale and a description of the vehicle that includes the year, the make and the vehicle identification number.

If the vehicle was returned to you, mail the following

  • impoundment receipt (legible copy is acceptable)
  • documentation from impounding facility showing the date the vehicle was returned
  • NYS Insurance ID Card with an effective date on or after the cancellation date

Address to mail to

NYS Department of Motor Vehicles
Financial Security Bureau
PO BOX 2725
Albany NY  12220-0725

If you are unable to provide the required documentation noted above, you must immediately surrender your registration and plates to the DMV.