Lifetime driving records

What information appears on a lifetime driving record? 

A "lifetime" driving record contains all the license information DMV currently has available about a driver. The “lifetime” driving record will display all information still in DMV’s possession regardless of the data retention requirements found in Vehicle and Traffic Law.  However, it may not include information that dates back to when a driver was initially granted driving privileges.

A “standard” driver license abstract only contains information that DMV is still required to keep. For example, most suspensions and revocations are only shown on the standard driving record abstract for 4 years from the date the suspension or revocation ended. A “lifetime” driving record will show suspensions and revocations that are older than 4 years.

Header 1

The "Header" section includes the individual's

  • name
  • mailing address (City, State, ZIP Code)
  • mailing county
  • DMV ID Number (Client ID Number) from your NY State driver license, learner permit or non-driver photo ID card
  • motorist identification number
  • date of birth (DOB)
  • gender/sex
  • height
  • eye color
  • status information for
    • temporary visitor
    • military
    • organ donor
  • last 4 digits of Social Security Number (SSN)
  • suspension and revocation summary
  • restrictions that limit the driving privilege

See the form Driver License Class Descriptions (MV-500C) for a list and explanation of driver license restrictions.


Summary 2

The header is followed by a "Summary" section that includes the

  • license class
  • license privilege
  • license status (including commercial and 19A)
  • license expiration date
  • date the current license document was issued
  • date the current license document was mailed


Current License

The "Current License" section includes

  • current license class
  • current license expiration date
  • any endorsements that expand the driving privilege
  • type of document that was issued


Non-Driver ID

The "Non-Driver ID" section includes

  • issue date
  • expiration date


Permit History

The "Permit History" section includes

  • permit classes and the dates they were applied for
  • date the permit document was mailed
  • date the permit document expired
  • any restrictions or endorsements that limit or expand the permit privilege



The "Document" section includes

  • type of document
  • license class
  • issue date
  • expiration date
  • name on the document
  • status of the document
  • date mailed



The "Classes" section includes

  • classes of licenses the driver holds or has held
  • effective date for each class
  • date each license class was posted to the license record
  • date each license class expires



The "Merges" section only appears on the abstract if the driver has ever had license under a different Customer Identification Number (CID) than the one shown in the "Header" section.

The "Merges" section if present will show

  • which CID's were merged and the resulting CID
  • the date the merged CID was put on the record
  • any other name connected to the merged CID's
  • any other Dates of Birth (DOB) connected to the merged CID's
  • any other gender connected to the merged CID's



The "Activity" section includes

  • driver license related course completion
  • Commercial Driver License (CDL) history
  • license reciprocity information
  • various other license related notes


Suspensions and Revocations

On the "Lifetime" driving record, the "Suspensions and Revocations" section is divided into two sub-sections, "Non-Scofflaws" and "Scofflaws".

The "Non-scofflaws" section includes any "non-scofflaws" listed as "Open" or "Closed".

This list is followed by

  • the suspension date
  • the order issue date
  • the compliance date
  • termination fees (if applicable)
  • civil penalties (if applicable)
  • the reason for the suspension
  • the order number
  • the case number
  • the period of time covered by the suspension
  • the county where the case was adjudicated
  • the ticket number
  • the applicable section of the Vehicle and Traffic Law
  • the clear on date and reason for clearance, if cleared
  • any rescissions along with the date they were applied, and associated case number and order number
  • eligibility for a conditional license 
  • eligibility for a restricted use license 

The "Scofflaws" section includes

  • suspension date
  • amount of the judgment
  • the clear on date
  • reason for the suspension
  • order number
  • court name
  • ticket number
  • justice name
  • reason the suspension was closed



The "Convictions" section includes

  • the type of violation the driver was convicted of
  • the date of the violation
  • the date of the conviction
  • the location of the court
  • the amount of the fine and any points incurred along with the ticket number



The "Accidents" section includes 3

  • the date of the accident
  • whether there was a fatality, personal injury, and/or property damage
  • the county where the accident occurred
  • the case number
  • type of report filed (motorist and/or police)
  • exempt from 3 re-exam?



The address section shows the driver's address history.

What if the information on my driving record abstract is wrong?

 If you suspect that your DMV abstract contains incorrect information, contact the DMV Call Center.


  • 1.

    This information is found at the top of driving record, but the word “Header” is not part of the abstract.

  • 2.

    This information is found at the top of a driving record, but the word “Summary” is not part of the abstract.

  • 3. The DMV lists an accident on the records of every driver in the accident. An accident that appears on a driving record does not assign the fault to that driver. The DMV does not determine the fault in an accident.