Driver licenses, learner permits, and non-driver photo ID cards

What if my Driver License expires while I’m on active duty?

Complete and submit the Military Service Notification (pdf) (MV-75) to notify us that you are on active military duty. We will then automatically extend your Driver License for a maximum of six months after your separation from military service.  You can then renew your license within the six months.

What if my license expires before I notify the DMV that I am on active military duty?

If your Driver License expires before you file the Military Service Notification (pdf) (MV-75), you can send the form but you must also send a letter from your commanding officer. The letter must certify the date you entered military service and that you are on active duty. The date you entered military service must be earlier than the expiration date of your Driver License.


Can I drive in NY State with a military driver license?

If you have a driver license issued by the US Armed Forces, you can drive in New York State for a maximum of 60 days after you enter the state. After 60 days, you must have a valid NY State or out-of-state driver license to drive in NY State.

You must be a member of the US Armed Forces to use a military driver license in NY State. A dependent that has only a military driver license can’t drive in NY State.

Can I exchange my military driver license for a NY State driver license?

No. If you have only a driver license issued by the US Armed Forces, you cannot exchange it for a NY State Driver License. You must apply for an original NY State Driver License and take all the tests.

How do I get a CDL military skills test waiver?

An applicant for a NY State commercial driver license (CDL) with military experience driving commercial motor vehicles may qualify to apply for a waiver of the NY State CDL skills (road) test. The applicant must meet all other CDL requirements. See the Get a Military Skills Test Waiver for more information.

Can I get a motorcycle road test waiver?

Members of the U.S. Armed Forces that complete the MSF Basic Rider Course (BRC) through the military while on active duty outside of New York State can qualify to have their military BRC converted into a NY BRC in order to receive the road test waiver. Complete instructions are available online from the New York State Motorcycle Safety Program. MSF representatives are also available at 1-518-384-0045.


For your convenience, many DMV PDF forms can be filled in online and then printed.