Enroll to be a Vision Registry Provider

Businesses that are interested in offering the new vision screening service to their customers are invited to enroll in the Registry. The enrollment process will be handled electronically. The application should take no more than five minutes to complete and includes the following sections:

  • Applicant (business information; please be sure that your business name and address are correctly displayed in Bing search and Bing maps)
  • Provider (individuals who conduct vision screening tests)
  • User (individuals who data enter vision screening test results)
  • Contact (two individuals who communicate with DMV)
  • Attestation (agreement with Terms of Use)

Once the Terms of Use are agreed to, the applicant electronically submits the application to DMV for review. All professional license numbers are verified and when the review is complete, DMV notifies the businesses of their acceptance within 5 business days and will issue User IDs and passwords for users to access the Registry.

Enroll now