FAQ for TNC Applicants

How can a company become authorized to become a TNC?

Follow the instructions and submit a completed Transportation Network Company License Application (TNC-1). 

What does it cost a company to become authorized to be a TNC?

There is a $100,000 application fee, $90,000 of which is refundable if a company is not approved, as well as an annual renewal fee of $60,000.

Can a sole proprietor operate a TNC?

Yes, so long as all the TNC requirements detailed on the Transportation Network Company License Application (TNC-1) are met.

Does a company need to use a mobile app to be a TNC?


Do TNC drivers have to have a valid and current NYS driver license?


Is a TNC required to track the license status of its drivers? If so, how?

Yes.  By law, a TNC must enroll its drivers in DMV’s License Event Notification System (LENS), which tracks license events like traffic ticket convictions, suspensions, revocations and reinstatements. 

How does a company open an account with DMV’s License Event Notification System (LENS) and enroll its TNC drivers?

The account application form, requirements and instructions are located on our Apply for LENS site page.

What vehicles may be used for TNC operation?

The TNC Act precludes the use of the following as TNC vehicles:

  • a taxicab as defined by NYS Vehicle & Traffic Law 148, NYC Code 19-502, or any other local law.
  • a livery vehicle as defined by NYS Vehicle & Traffic Law 121-e or any local law.
  • a black car, limousine, or luxury limousine, as defined in section NYC Code 19-502 or as defined in any other local law;
  • any motor vehicle weighing more than 6,500 pounds unloaded;
  • any motor vehicle having a seating capacity of more than 7 passengers; and
  • any motor vehicle used in the business of carrying or transporting passengers for hire.

How must a TNC conduct employee background checks?

TNCs should refer to, carefully read, and obey sections 1696 and 1699 in the NYS Vehicle & Traffic Law (scroll down to VAT), as well as the DMV’s regulations.