FAQ for TNC Drivers

What is a “TNC”?

TNC stands for “transportation network company”, a term defined in a recently enacted part of the State Vehicle & Traffic Law. A TNC is a business, also known as a "rideshare company", licensed by DMV to use a digital network to connect passengers to TNC drivers for prearranged trips.


How do I become a TNC driver?

Contact one of the New York State licensed TNC companies. Lyft and Uber are currently licensed by DMV. 

Is there an age and licensing requirement to be a TNC driver?

Yes, by statute, TNC drivers must be at least 19 years old and hold a valid and current NYS driver’s license issued by DMV.

Does my vehicle need to be authorized for TNC use?

Not by DMV.  But TNC companies may have requirements on the vehicles they allow.

If I have a car loan, will my vehicle lender allow me to use my personal vehicle to drive for a TNC?

You should read your lending agreement and contact your lender, as any such limitations are a matter of private contract, not the TNC Act or regulations.


Can I use a taxi or livery vehicle to drive for a TNC?

No. The TNC Act prohibits taxis, livery vehicles, limousines or licensed for-hire vehicles from being used as a TNC vehicle. 


What are the insurance requirements for a TNC driver?

TNC companies will make sure TNC drivers understand and have the required insurance.  If you are interested in being a TNC driver, you should contact a TNC you are interested in working with. 

May a driver be authorized by more than one TNC?

That is up to the TNC you want to work for, as there is no legal limit to driving for more than one TNC.

If I am an authorized TNC driver, may I pick up passengers in New York City?

No, not unless you are separately authorized by the New York City Taxi & Limousine Commission: www.nyc.gov/taxi.

If I am an authorized TNC driver, may I drop off a TNC passenger in New York City that I picked up outside the City?



If I am licensed to operate for hire by the New York City Taxi & Limousine Commission, can I work as a TNC driver outside of New York City?

Yes but only if you are authorized by a licensed TNC company, and only if you use a different vehicle than you drive for hire in New York City (taxi and livery vehicles may not be used for TNC operation).