FAQ for TNC Passengers

What is a “TNC”?

TNC stands for “transportation network company”, a term defined in a recently enacted part of the State Vehicle & Traffic Law. A TNC is a business, also known as a "rideshare company", licensed by DMV to use a digital network (smartphone app) to connect passengers to TNC drivers for prearranged trips. 
The following TNCs are currently licensed by DMV:

Uber  Uber trade dress    Uber 2 trade dress

Lyft     Lyft trade dress

When did TNC operation start in New York State?

June 29, 2017. 


Where can a TNC operate within New York State?

The TNC Act applies across New York State except within New York City, which already allows ride sharing companies to operate under its existing Taxi & Limousine Commission requirements. The TNC Act also gives certain local governments the ability to opt out of the TNC Act.  A county may opt out of TNC operation, as can a city having a population over 100,000. DMV will post any jurisdictions that have opted out on this page. None have opted out as of this time. 

Once I request a TNC ride, how do I know what car to get into?

A TNC app must display a photo of the authorized driver that will pick you up, as well as the make, model, color and license plate number of the vehicle picking you up. TNC vehicles will also bear a prominent emblem, on the passenger side of the front windshield.

Does the law regulate the prices a rider can be charged for a TNC ride?

No.  However, the TNC Act requires the fare or estimated fare to be provided to the customer on the TNC app before the TNC ride begins, and establishes the “New York State Transportation Network Company Review Board,” which will study and report on a variety of TNC-related matters including “surge pricing.” 

Are TNC drivers subject to criminal background checks?

Yes, TNC companies are required to perform a robust criminal background check on TNC drivers before allowing them to transport passengers.  

Is a TNC required to track the license status of its drivers? If so, how?

Yes.  By law, a TNC must enroll its drivers in DMV’s License Event Notification System (LENS), which tracks and reports license events like traffic ticket convictions, suspensions, revocations, and reinstatements. 

What about disability access?

The law allowing ride share companies to operate requires each TNC to be accessible to passengers with a disability and accommodation of service animals. The New York State Division of Human Rights accepts and reviews potential violations of that requirement. The law authorizing TNCs created a “New York State Transportation Network Company Accessibility Task Force,” which reviewed the accessibility of TNC services and made recommendations. The Task Force was dissolved by law after the publication of its report in 2019. 

What auto liability insurance is required for TNC operation?

While a TNC driver is driving a TNC passenger, the vehicle liability insurance required per occurrence is $1,250,000.    

Why did the State pass a law for TNC operation?

Without the TNC law, people wanting a ride were limited to calling a livery operator, or a service regulated by a local taxi and limousine commission.  Operating a livery, taxi, or limo service requires a class C or E driver’s license, a for-hire vehicle registration with special license plates, and for-hire auto insurance.  That structure did not allow drivers to use their regular driver licenses (class D) and regular vehicle registrations to be a TNC driver. The new law does. 

Can a TNC driver text while driving?

No, there are no exceptions to the texting while driving laws for TNC drivers. Please see more information on cell phone use and texting on our website. 


How will DMV know that a TNC is following the TNC operating requirements?

DMV reviews all complaints submitted and conducts periodic audits of TNC companies to ensure compliance with all DMV requirements.

What penalties will a TNC face if it violates the TNC requirements?

DMV is empowered to pursue a TNC for violating the TNC requirements and, depending upon the severity of the violation, impose fines and suspend or even revoke the TNC’s license to operate. 

How can I file a complaint regarding a TNC trip?

Each TNC is required to establish a method for customers to submit complaints via their mobile app or website. Please note, if you have a complaint about a driver, you need to contact the TNC company directly via their mobile app.  DMV does not handle complaints about drivers. 


How do I file a complaint about a TNC company?

DMV accepts complaints about companies. Please note that complaints about individual drivers or riders should be directed to the TNC via their mobile app.