How to find a DMV-regulated business

You can use this service to find DMV-regulated

  • inspection stations (safety and emissions)
  • automobile and truck dealers, boat dealers and yacht brokers
  • repair shops, body repair shops and mobile repair shops
  • dismantlers and other businesses that process vehicles for scrap or parts

The transaction does not provide information about

  • vehicle transporters
  • ATV dealers
  • drive-in appraisals
  • MV-907A eligible
  • fleet inspection stations or dealer inspection stations
  • any business that does not have a current and valid registration or license
  • businesses that are not licensed, registered or regulated by the NY State DMV Office of Vehicle Safety and Clean Air (such as driving schools, pre-licensing course providers, Point and Insurance Reduction Program providers)

What you need

To search for a group of businesses by ZIP Code or county, you must know

  • the kind of business you want to find
  • the ZIP Code or county where you want to search
  • if the business is a motor vehicle inspection station, information about the vehicle to be inspected
    • you can get the required information from the vehicle registration documents - see a sample document

To find a specific business, you can enter the complete seven-digit Facility Number assigned to the business by the DMV Division of Vehicle Safety.

What information you will get

The transaction will display business or businesses

  • facility number
  • street address, city, state and ZIP Code of the business
  • type or types of business, and a link to descriptions of the business types

Find a DMV regulated business


Additional information

If your vehicle is located in a county different from the county of registration, and there are no inspection stations for the vehicle type are available

This situation occurs when a vehicle that is or will be registered in the New York Metropolitan Area (NYMA) requires a diesel emissions inspection, but is in a county where the diesel emissions inspection is not available.

You can obtain a Temporary Certificate of Inspection Waiver. This temporary certificate allows you to get a safety inspection in the county where the vehicle is located. You are then required to get a diesel emissions inspection and sticker within 10 days after the vehicle returns to the NYMA. You can get the waiver form from a local DMV office.

To locate diesel emissions inspection stations in your current county, enter the current county as the county of registration.