Other Data Services Office Products

Our Data Services Office and Certified Document Center offer several programs and products in addition to COMPASS: 

  • Dial-In Display Service – an electronic application that allows commercial and government users to search among license, registration, title and insurance records. 

  • LENS an automated reporting system. It reviews the driver license records of your organization’s drivers and reports changes to you by email, on DMV business days. 

  • PREED – DMV’s Parking Regulation Electronic Enforcement and Disposition system.  It assists municipalities and toll agencies to obtain vehicle registration information and enforce collection of fines on parking summonses by prohibiting renewal of a registration or immediately suspending the registration. 

  • Records Request Navigator online record request tool for one-time requests of the following records: 

    • license abstracts  
    • registration abstracts 
    • title abstracts 
    • license and registration suspension and revocation orders 
    • copies of traffic tickets 
    • traffic ticket dispositions 
    • insurance activity expansion reports 
    • police and motorist accident reports