Overview and benefits


The DMV permits doctors, nurses, and most eye care professionals to perform vision screening tests. DMV has changed its regulations so that pharmacists and their supervised staff can give vision screening tests for customers. Supervised staff of current health care professionals can also give the tests along with organizations deputized by DMV.  DMV has also developed an Online Vision Registry that allows the test results to be electronically submitted to DMV. The results are applied to an individual's record. The helps customers to renew their licenses online or by mail without having to visit a DMV office.

The vision screening test is a very simple process, requiring just seconds to complete - it is as simple as asking the customer to read one line from a Snellen chart mounted on a wall or screen. The online enrollment process and test result entry is very streamlined and user friendly. With internet access, any business can easily enroll in the Registry, conduct tests and enter results providing a valuable service for its customers. The combined process of conducting the test and entering the result in the Registry requires a very small investment in time by staff.

Participating organizations (except for organizations deputized by DMV) are free to charge a fee for the service. However, many of organizations currently authorized to provide the screening test under the current regulation offer the exam to their customers as an added service at no cost.

Benefits of participation

Customers will be pleased that you are providing this service, increasing their satisfaction.

The added service may increase walk-in traffic in your businesses.

Your business will be identified as an authorized vision screening provider on DMV's Web site and in other promotional materials.