Get a Temporary Authority (TA)

What is a Temporary Authority (TA)?

An IRP Temporary Authority (TA) is a temporary permit valid for a maximum of 30 days that allows you to operate a vehicle in your fleet while the International Registration Bureau (IRB) processes the permanent registration for that vehicle.

To apply for a TA, you must have a valid, paid IRP account with NY State DMV for the current registration year.

When can I apply for a TA?

You can apply for a TA when you make the following changes to your IRP fleet

  • add vehicles
  • transfer apportioned plates
  • increase registered weight
  • replace apportioned plates or a lost or stolen cab card
  • create a new fleet
  • transfer a vehicle from one fleet to another fleet

See the NY State IRP Manual (pdf) (IRP-8) for instructions to complete the forms and information about required documents.

To apply

To apply by mail

You can mail your application to the International Registration Bureau (IRB)

If you are using the United States Postal Service use this address

International Registration Bureau
PO Box 2850 ESP
Albany, NY 12220-0850

If you use an express mail service or other method, use this address

International Registration Bureau
Room 136
6 Empire State Plaza
Albany, NY  12228

To apply by fax

Fax the items listed above to the IRB at 518-486-6579

How much does a TA cost?

The cost for a TA is $5.00 for each vehicle in addition to the standard registration fees and/or administrative fees that result from the changes made to your IRP fleet.

What will I receive after I send in my application for a TA?

You will receive the following items from the IRB via Fax normally within 2 business days of receiving you application

  • the TA valid for a maximum of 30 days
  • a bill for the total amount due for the TA
  • a checklist of additional items, if any, that need to be returned with your payment

We must receive full payment and the required additional items within 30 calendar days. If you do not pay within 30 days, the DMV will suspend the IRP registrations of all vehicles in your fleet. A TA cannot be cancelled after the TA has been issued by the IRB. You must pay the full amount of the bill.

Do it by phone

You can't apply for a Temporary Authority by phone. You may call the IRB with questions at 

Monday - Thursday 9:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m.

Do it by fax

You can apply for a Temporary Authority by fax. Fax the items described on this page to the IRB at 518-486-6579

Do it by mail

You can apply for a Temporary Authority by mail. See this page for the mailing addresses.

For your convenience, many DMV PDF forms can be filled in online and then printed.