International Registration Plan (IRP)

The International Registration Plan (IRP) is a registration agreement between all of the states in the continental United States, the District of Columbia and all the Canadian provinces. The IRP allows for the registration of commercial vehicles that travel in two or more of these jurisdictions.

An IRP registrant pays registration fees in one jurisdiction and receives IRP registrations, apportioned plates and cab cards from one jurisdiction. The cab cards list all of the jurisdictions where the vehicles can operate. The fees are shared (apportioned) by the jurisdictions where the vehicles operate. The fees are divided based on the percentage of fleet miles the vehicles operate in each jurisdiction.

For a list of the jurisdictions that are members of the IRP, see the NY State IRP Manual (pdf).

For more information about the IRP, visit the website of IRP, Inc. 

You can get an IRP registration if

  • a vehicle operates in two or more jurisdictions that participate in the International Registration Plan
  • the vehicle is designed or used to transport persons for hire or to transport property
  • the vehicle is
    • a power unit that has two or more axles and a gross vehicle weight (GVW) of more than 26,000 pounds
    • a power unit of any weight that has three or more axles
    • used in a vehicle combination and the GVW of the combination is more than 26,000 pounds

If you choose not to obtain IRP registrations, and your vehicle meets or exceeds the criteria above, you will have to purchase trip permits for each vehicle to enter other IRP jurisdictions.

Exempt from the IRP apportioned registration requirements

  • recreational vehicles
  • vehicles that display restricted plates  1
  • vehicles owned by government agencies
  • trailers

  1. 1. Not all jurisdictions recognize New York State restricted plates. You should contact each jurisdiction in which you intend to travel for their requirements.