Help creating a MyDMV account

About IDs allows people to access online services from various NYS government agencies with a single username. For example, if you have a MyDMV account and enroll at the Online Tax Center of the Department of Taxation and Finance, you can use the same ID username and password to access services offered by both agencies. Learn more about ID.


You Already Have a MyDMV Account

If you already have an ID username when you sign up for a MyDMV account, your MyDMV account will be associated with your current ID username. You will not need to create a new username.

You might already have a MyDMV account but have forgotten your sign-in information or forgotten that an account exists.  If you try to sign up, MyDMV will recognize that your ID number is already associated with a MyDMV account and tell you what your username is.  You must copy the username exactly from the message displayed when you try to log in.  You can then use self-service to recover your password if you've forgotten it.


Redirected to Enrollment Page

You may have multiple usernames, and the username you used to sign in is not associated with your MyDMV account. Use the ‘Forgot your Username’ tool on the ID sign in page to get a list of all your ID Usernames. If you have more than one email address, be sure to check all of them.  Sign in with the username you created for MyDMV.  If you don't remember the password you can use the 'Forgot your Password' tool. Business or Employee Account

You cannot enroll in MyDMV using a business or employee account. New York State keeps your identity separate from your 'Government Employee' or 'Business' partner identity.  You will need to create a personal account with a different username than the one you use for work. 


Lost or Deleted Temporary Password

If you lost or deleted your temporary password follow these steps

Step 1: Go to the MyDMV homepage 

Step 2: Enter all the required information again. Use the same username you used before.

Step 3: Open the email we send you with a new temporary password and link to MyDMV to sign in.


Contact Us

If you still have problems signing up after following the instructions on this page,  Contact us.