MyDMV Account Terms of Service


A MyDMV web account provides registered Users with secure and simplified access to use a variety of DMV’s on-line applications and services.

MyDMV was created by the New York State Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV), in cooperation with the New York State Office of Information Technology Services.

In order to register for a MyDMV account, you must first select a  Sign-In Username and Password and provide your identity information. Your Username, Password, and identity information are stored in a secure directory called the “”, which is maintained by New York State Office of Information Technology Services.


Username and Password

When you register for a MyDMV account, you will be sent a temporary password by email. You must use the temporary password to complete the on-line registration process. After completing your registration, you can use your permanent Sign-In Username and Password for gaining access to MyDMV applications and services.

Upon validation of your identity, you will be permitted access to use DMV's secure web applications. This process is designed to protect the security of your identifying personal information. Your Sign-In Username and Password, and identifying personal information will be used solely for the purpose of

As an additional feature of you can use the same Username and Password when you register to use secure web applications available at other New York State agencies that participate in After registering to gain access to use secure web applications at another NYS agency, you simply sign in using the same Username and Password.


Deactivation of and MyDMV Accounts

For security purposes, the use of your MyDMV account is dependent upon validation of your identity by In the event that deactivates access for any reason (e.g., unable to validate your identity), your MyDMV account will also be deactivated, and thereafter access to MyDMV applications and on-line services will be denied and the account will be locked.


Unlocking Accounts

In order to unlock your account you must contact, as instructed, and provide the necessary information.


By registering for a MyDMV account you acknowledge and agree that:

  1. You will abide by these Terms of Service; and the Terms of Service and Acceptable Use Policy for the use of;
  2. You certify that all identifying personal information provided to create or access your account is accurate, and pertains solely to you as the User of the account;
  3. Any false statement, false certification, or false information provided in creating or using a MyDMV account constitutes a criminal act which may result in the imposition of criminal sanctions;
  4. For the purpose of imposing criminal sanctions, any false statement you make in connection with creating the MyDMV account, and each fraudulent log-in to access MyDMV applications or services, may be treated as a separate criminal offense.
  5. DMV reserves the right, and sole discretion, to revoke your Username and access to your MyDMV account, at any time, without prior notification, in the interest of preserving the security of the MyDMV system.
  6. You are responsible for all use of your MyDMV account, and you must protect your temporary password, Sign-In Username and Password from disclosure to any individual or entity, and must not permit the use of your MyDMV account by another.
  7. You agree to Not bypass or attempt to bypass any security controls for access to your MyDMV account;
  8. You will keep your Username and Password  in a secure place and manner;
  9. You will prevent disclosure of your Username and Password;
  10. You will prevent others from watching you enter your Username and Password;
  11. You will select a Username and Password that is non-obvious and difficult to guess (e.g., not use your name, or the names of your spouse, children, pets, or other things that publicly identify you);
  12. You will sign off of the system whenever the your computer is unattended;
  13. You will take any action required by DMV or to re-certify your identity, or to change your Username or Password;
  14. You will immediately report to DMV any known or suspected breach of MyDMV system security that you become aware of.