Report a problem with a DMV office or representative

How do I report a problem with a DMV office or representative?

Your comments are important to us, and can help us make customer service improvements.

If possible, provide the name(s) of the representative(s) who helped you along with the date, time and location of the service you received, and phone number where we can call you during the day.


To submit a complaint online

  • visit DMV's Find Answers or Ask a Question service 
  • view at least one “Answer” and the “Ask a Question” tab will appear
  • open the “Ask a question” tab
  • select the category “About DMV Offices and Services”
  • select the sub-category “Compliment or Complaint”
  • submit your compliment or complaint

Go to Find Answers or Ask a Question.


To submit a complaint by phone

Call the DMV Call Center for your area code.


To submit a complaint by mail, send a letter to

Theresa L. Egan, Executive Deputy Commissioner

Department of Motor Vehicles
6 Empire State Plaza
Albany, NY  12228