DMV Office Locations and Reservations

In-Person Services

  1. Select a county to locate your local DMV office.
  2. Review the 'In-Person Services' to make sure the service you need is available.
  3. Be prepared:
    • Select the underlined links for more information.
    • For license, permit, non-driver ID or registration transactions complete the DMV Document Guide
  4. Make your reservation (using the blue button under 'In-Person Services’) or use the link provided to visit the website for that office. Although not required, we strongly encourage making a reservation to be certain you will be allowed entry into the office.

Schedule a Road Test

To reserve a time for a road test, see schedule and take a road test.

Office Hours on Holidays

Many DMV office locations close or change hours for official state holidays or for Election Day, but not all. Holiday hours notifications are added to each county’s office page several days before each holiday. Please check the office page for your county to see if the hours for your office will change.





Location: 1775 South Avenue, West Shore Shopping Plaza, Staten Island NY 10314
Monday - Friday, 7:30AM to 5:00PM. (Reservations are recommended.)


Special Information for this Office:

  • Make a reservation for the shortest office visit.
  • If the service you seek is offered online, please complete it online.
  • You can ONLY complete the services listed below.


IMPORTANT: Beginning May 7, 2025, new federal identity (REAL ID) requirements will go into effect.

Don't wait! Upgrade to a REAL ID or Enhanced document now.

Mail-In Services (Select underlined links for more information):



  1. Complete the necessary forms and gather the required documents.
  2. Place all documents into a single envelope.
  3. Include a copy of your proof of identity. Do not include the original.
  4. Include your email address and telephone number as requested on the application so that we can contact you with questions.
  5. Make copies of all documents before mailing.
  6. Mail the envelope to the address above.

In-Person Services 
(Select underlined links for more information):


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