Proof of identity when you stop driving

You need not go without proof of identity if you decide that it is time to stop driving for your benefit and safety. You can apply for proof of identity that is accepted for the same transactions as a photo driver license is accepted.

Even if you stop driving, the NY State Department of Motor Vehicles can be of service to you.

You can apply for a NY State Non-Driver ID (NDID) or an Enhanced Non-driver Photo ID (ENDID) card. Your NDID on ENDID will be accepted like a photo driver license for most daily transactions.

Over many years, the driver license became more than proof of qualification to drive. The photo driver license became the primary proof of identity to cash checks, open a bank account and for many other transactions.

An NDID, ENDID, EDL or a photo driver license

  • requires the same proof of identity and date of birth to apply
  • contains the same personal identification information, your name, address, date of birth, photograph and signature
  • has the same security features and protection

An Enhanced Non-driver photo ID card can be used instead of a passport for land and sea border crossings between the US and the Western Hemisphere countries of Canada, Mexico and the Caribbean.