Career Opportunity at DMV Call Center

The DMV is hiring part-time Motor Vehicle Reps for the Albany Call Center.  The Albany Call Center is looking for employees to work Monday through Friday 8AM to 5PM.  Flexible schedules are available, up to 18 hours per week.  The Call Center is located on South Swan Street in Albany, New York.  Candidates must have at least 30 college credits or 1 year customer service experience.  The salary for this position is $16.28 per hour.  If interested, please fax a cover letter and resume to Debbie at 518-473-0974.


Careers at DMV: More than just Licenses and Registrations

People often think of the New York State Departmentof Motor Vehicles (DMV) strictly in terms of State or County offices where the public goes to obtain a driver license or renew a vehicle registration. The agency actually encompasses a much broader range of activities and programs. Some examples of these activities include:

  • Educating and promoting highway safety through the Governor's Traffic Safety Committee (GTSC).
  • Protecting consumers through inspections of automotive and body repair facilities.
  • Ensuring the safety and protecting the identities of citizens through the issuance of secure documents and investigation of fraud and auto theft activities.
  • Safeguarding personal information with secure computer technology.

In addition to working for a progressive and dynamic agency, there are additional benefits to working for the DMV. We are proud to offer many advancement opportunities among our varied career paths. We also offer great employee benefits and the opportunity to join a team of dedicated individuals who serve the people of our state.


Careers at DMV        DMV Careers


DMV employees are an important asset in helping the agency to benefit the people of the state by pursuing its mission to:

  • Administer the motor vehicle laws
  • Provide quality customer service
  • Promote traffic safety
  • Protect consumers
  • Verify identities
  • Issue secure documents
  • Protect the privacy of personal information
  • Provide information services
  • Collect revenues

There are many benefits of working for New York State. These include: vacation, holiday, sick and personal leaves, health care coverage, retirement plan, payroll deduction savings plan, NYS flex spending account and tuition assistance programs.


Popular career titles:

  • Motor Vehicle Representative 1
  • Motor Vehicle Investigator 2
  • Motor Vehicle License Examiner 3
  • Automotive Facilities and Body Repair Inspector 4
  • Accountant 5
  • Highway Safety Program Representative 6
  • Legal Specialist 7
  • Motor Vehicle Referee 8
  • Senior Attorney 9
  • Public Information Specialists 10
  • Administrative Trainee 11

See our current exams

  • 1. Motor Vehicle Representatives provide quality customer service, issue secure documents and verify identities. Employees in this title have substantial contact with members of the public seeking services or information. The majority of positions are located in various DMV field offices. Smaller numbers assigned to DMV telephone call centers, plate facilities and specialized main-office bureaus.
  • 2. Motor Vehicle Investigators are peace officers who perform fraud detection, undercover and counter terrorism assignments, investigate identity theft and uncover auto theft rings. Motor Vehicle Investigator's perform a variety of criminal investigations, field inspections, inventories of seized properties, odometer fraud, identity verification, fraudulent document detection, vehicle theft examinations and security evaluations.
  • 3. Motor Vehicle License Examiners conduct road tests, evaluate driver performance and inspect driving schools. Employees in this title conduct road tests to ensure that only qualified persons are licensed to operate motor vehicles.
  • 4. Automotive Facilities and Body Repair Inspectors provide consumer protection, inspect and regulate automotive facilities, investigate improper business practices, and testify at administrative hearings. More specifically, Automotive Facilities Inspectors monitor services provided by automotive facilities. This includes inspection stations, repair shops, dealers, transporters, dismantlers, salvage pools, itinerant vehicle collectors, vehicle rebuilders, mobile car crushers, scrap processors and scrap collectors. Body Repair Inspectors investigate consumer complaints involving body repair and other automotive services regulated by the New York State Vehicle and Traffic Law and the Motor Vehicle Commissioner's Rules and Regulations.
  • 5. Accountants audit DMV programs and businesses regulated by DMV utilizing innovative auditing techniques and computer technology all while safeguarding public information. Employees in this title conduct or supervise on-site field audits of the accounts and operations of regulated corporations and others governed by State and local laws and regulations.
  • 6. Highway Safety Program Representatives promote traffic safety, educate the public, administer highway safety grants on behalf of the Governor's Traffic Safety Committee, and partner with traffic safety organizations. Highway Safety Program Representatives conduct on-site consultations and act as a representative of the Department of Motor Vehicles with State and local government officials, community groups and safety businesses.
  • 7. Employees hired from the Legal Specialties exam for NYS DMV may plan litigation strategy, draft legislation and regulations, perform legal research and/or preside at administrative hearings.
  • 8. Motor Vehicle Referees conduct administrative hearings and render decisions on most traffic violations.
  • 9. Senior Attorneys provide legal assistance and support to agency program administrators by analyzing legal opinions, briefs and other material, preparing memoranda of law and conferring with administrators or parties to legal action in order to mediate, negotiate or settle legal issues directly related to the agency's program.
  • 10. Public Information Specialists draft speeches, press releases, newsletters and reports, interact with the public and the media, prepare written materials and publicize agency programs. Employees in this title prepare written material, edit and disseminate of informational materials concerning the programs and activities through various media including newspapers, radio, television, motion pictures, periodicals and State publications.
  • 11. The DMV offers administrative traineeships in these titles: Administrative Analyst, Agency Training and Development Specialist, Budgeting Analyst, Contract Management Specialist, Highway Safety Program Analyst, Personnel Administrator and Property Manager. Appointments from each eligible list are made to various one-year and two-year traineeship positions in administrative, fiscal, and program areas, as vacancies occur.