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MV-95 Registration Authorization

Authorization by owner for registration of a vehicle in another person's name (e.g. under a lease). This form not required when "If the Registrant is not the Owner" section on form MV-82 is completed. Individual owner's proof of ID and date of birth required when submitting either form.

AA-AUD1 Audit Appeal Form for International Registration Plan Registrants

International Registration Plan registrants may use this form within 30 days to appeal an audit finding.

IRP-6 International Registration Plan Schedule A & C

Schedules A and C for International Registration Plan (Apportioned Registration).

MV-82D Application for Duplicate / Renewal Registration

Apply for a duplicate registration or to renew a registration.

Boats Registration Requirements for Boats

Registration Requirements for Boats

MV-82SN Snowmobile Registration Application

Use to register snowmobiles, renew snowmobile registration, amend or request duplicate registration. All snowmobile registrations expire August 31. Also download instruction form MV-82.1SN.

IRP-8 Apportioned Registration Manual

Complete informational and instruction manual for International Registration Plan (apportioned registration) participants in NYS.
This is a large file - recommend save to local disk.

MV-82PFR Permanent Fleet Registration Application

Application for owners of fleets of 200 or more vehicles that qualify for the Permanent Fleet Registration Program. Read form MV-20 (Permanent Fleet Registration Program Guide) for more information about the program.

MV-52SN Snowmobile Dealer Registration Instructions

Instructions on how to register as a snowmobile dealer and how to process customer snowmobile registrations.

MV-82 Vehicle Registration/Title Application

Use to register vehicles, renew vehicle registration, amend or request duplicate vehicle registration.  Be sure to download instruction form MV-82.1, found below.

You can renew your registration or order a replacement registration online. 

RV-253 Application for Snowmobile Dealer Registration

Used to apply for a New York State Snowmobile Dealer Registration. Instructions are included in the form.

MV-3W.3 Registrant Certification of Heavyweight Vehicle

Required to be filed when registering trucks that weight 44,801 pounds or more in the Agricultural, Commercial, Commercial Household Carrier and Tractor registration classes.

RV-1 Boat Dealer Registration Instructions

Instructions about the Boat Registration Program for boat dealers registered with the NYS DMV. TIP — Large file, recommend save to local disk.

ID-82 Proofs of Identity for Registration and Title

Lists proofs of ID and date of birth accepted for vehicle registration and title applications.  For easier viewing on a mobile device, see Proofs of identity and date of birth for NYS vehicle registrations or title certificates.

See also forms MV-82 and MV-82.1

MV-82B Boat Registration/Title Application

Used to register a boat.  See "Boats" on the Recreational Transportation page for information about motorized vessel registration. See Identification Requirements before downloading the form. 

You can renew a boat registration online.

MV-454 Affirmation for Renewal of Registration for Absentee Owner

This form is to be filed with a registration renewal when the registrant is in the military, cannot be reached to sign the renewal application, and the vehicle is being used by a member of the registrant's family with his or her permission.

IRP-16 Application Booklet for International Registration Plan

For optional apportioned registration of large commercial vehicles operated in two or more International Registration Plan jurisdictions. Optional registration program for commercial vehicles with maximum gross weight rating of 26,000 lbs. or more, or three or more axles. TIP — Large file, recommend save to local disk.

IRP-6A International Registration Plan Schedule A & C - Part 5

Schedule A & C - Part 5 for International Registration Plan. This form provides additional entries for vehicles registered under the Plan.

MV-20 Permanent Fleet Registration Program Guide

Information for owners of fleets of 200 or more vehicles that qualify for the Permanent Fleet Registration Program. Read the Overview on Page 1 for more information. Use form MV-82PFR (Permanent Fleet Registration Application) to apply.

MV-82.1 Instructions for Vehicle Registration/Title Application

Instructions for MV-82, Vehicle Registration/Title Application.  See Identification Requirements before downloading the form.

MV-274 Trailer-Type Vehicles Not Requiring Registration

List of trailer-type vehicles that are not required to be registered as trailers in NYS. Form explains how to request information about whether similar vehicles must be registered.

VS-105 Registration & Title for Custom (Homemade) Trailers

Instructions to register and receive a title certificate for a homemade or custom trailer. For homemade or unique vehicles, see VS-100.

PD-1 Request for Dealer Boat Registration Numbers and Forms

Used by a boat dealer to order boat registration numbers, and forms related to boat registrations, from the DMV.

PD-2 Request for Dealer Snowmobile Registration Numbers and Forms

Used by a snowmobile dealer to order snowmobile registration numbers, and forms related to snowmobile registrations, from the DMV.

FI-17 Report of Unauthorized Use of License/Registration (Instructions Included)

Used to report unauthorized use of License/Registration (Instructions Included)