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Form Title Purpose
PD-3 Request for Dealer All-Terrain Vehicle Registration Forms

Used by an all-terrain vehicle (ATV) dealer to order forms related to ATV registrations from the DMV.

MV-1G Statement to Renew Registration Under Article 38

Completed by a disabled US veteran renewing the registration on a vehicle obtained under Title 38 Chapter 39 of the US Code.

RV-2 All Terrain Vehicle Dealer Registration Instructions

Instructions about the ALL Terrain vehicle (ATV) Registration Program for ATV dealers registered with the NYS DMV. TIP — Large file, recommend save to local disk.

IRP-1POA Power of Attorney Authorization for International Registration Plan Business

For the Principal account holder to appoint and agent to act as authorized IRP Representative.

MV-400PH Request for Custom Empire Plates - Disabled Registrant

Use to request personalized Empire plates with the international symbol of access. (Use the MV-664.1 for non-personalized plates for the disabled.  See the brochure "Parking for People With Disabilities".)

MV-464L Order Form for Registration Plates/In-Transit Permits

Order form for auto and ATV dealers participating in plate issuance program (see MV-463).

VS1-PROV Provisional Dealer Registration and Inspection Station License Application

Form may only be used by “New Vehicle Dealers” and must be attached to a completed VS-1 (Original Facility Application) with all required documentation. If approved, will allow the operation of a “New Vehicle Dealership and Inspection Station” pending investigation and final approval process.

MV-260F Certificate of Farm Vehicle Use

Must be completed when a registrant applies for a Farm Vehicle registration. Give Part 1 to the DMV office; keep part 2 with the vehicle registration.

MV-109 Information and Certification for Vanpool Plates

Use to request Vanpool Registration

DS-242.2 Key to Abstract of Registration Plate Record/Abstract of Vehicle Title Record

Explains what appears on a DMV vehicle registration plate record or vehicle title abstract record.

MV-202 Passenger Vehicle Registration Fee Schedule and Use Tax Chart

Also see Registration Fees and Use Taxes for Passenger Vehicles for updates.

MV-202C Commercial Vehicle Registration Fee Schedule and Use Tax Chart

Also see Registration Fees and Use Taxes for Commercial Vehicles for updates.

IRP-34 IRP Renewal Packet

Packet of forms and instructions to renew IRP (apportioned) registrations in NYS.

MV-82STA State Vehicle Registration / Title Application and Request for Exemption From Use of State Agency Marked License Plates

State Vehicle Registration / Title Application and Request for Exemption From Use of State Agency Marked License Plates.  This form replaces the Request for Exemption from Use of State License Plates (MV-654).  For use by New York State Agencies only.

DTF-803 Claim for Sales Tax Exemption - Title/Registration Motor Vehicle, ATV, Vessel (Boat) or Snowmobile

Use when you are claiming exemption from sales tax for any reason other than a gift (then use DTF-802) or credit for taxes paid to other states (then use DTF-804).

IRP-23 Instructions for Obtaining a Receipt for a Certificate of Title (Form FS-6T)

This form contains instructions for obtaining a receipt for a certificate of title (FS-6T). You must get this receipt before you may file an application for apportioned registration in the International Registration Program.

MV-463 Application for Dealer Plate Issuance Program

For qualified auto and ATV dealers who wish to issue registration plates to customers.

MV-82TON Application for Title

Application and instructions used when you wish to apply for a title only, and not a registration, for a 1973 or newer model vehicle. To apply for a registration and title, use form MV-82.

FS-25 Request and Reply for New York Insurance Information

Use this form to have DMV determine insurance information for New York registrants on the date they were involved in a specific motor vehicle accident.

MV-83T Statement of Partnership or Joint Ownership

Used in conjunction with a registration/title application when more than two persons are partners/joint owners of a vehicle.

CR-77 NYS Private Service Bureau Regulations

Regulations for Private Service Bureaus that assist customers who apply for driver licenses, vehicle registrations or title certificates and bring forms and applications to DMV offices for customers.

FS-113 Certificate of Removal From United States and Canada

Two copies included. Filed in duplicate with registration receipt when a vehicle registered in NYS is being removed from the US and Canada and will be exempt from NYS insurance requirements.

MV-1940 Certification for Local Transit Service

Required to apply for a franchise bus registration. Bus must first be licensed by NYS Department of Transportation, and you must present DOT form RA-1C along with this form.

MV-197 Exempt Vehicle Certificate

For buses and ambulances that are not operated for-hire so vehicles are exempt from for-hire insurance, and registration fees in the case of some not-for-hire ambulances.

MV-1E Statement to Register a Vehicle Under Article 38

Completed by a disabled US veteran who has obtained a vehicle under Title 38 Chapter 39 of the US Code and is exempt from registration fees.